Anti-Aging Injectable, Gouri

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Dr Gan Lee Ping, an Associate Doctor at The Artisan Clinic Introducing Gouri

The latest aesthetic injectable that promises to turn back the hands of time has now arrived in Singapore. Gouri is the fundamental antiaging product for the entire face with the world’s first unique solubilized biodegradable and biocompatible PCL (Polycaprolactone) injectable. I have been obsessed with anti-aging treatments and products recently as I have been noticing fine lines, dullness and sagging skin when I look into the mirror. It would almost seem like my face aged overnight or the effects of ageing is becoming more apparent with each passing year.

What Is Polycaprolactone?

PCL is a biodegradable polymer used in many FDA-approved surgical implants and drug delivery devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. It is also a well-known and futuristic polymer that has become an Innovative Collagen-Stimulator in Aesthetics. With a fairly slow resorption time of 24 months and a nonacidic degradation environment, PCL is an ideal material for use in anti-aging treatments targeting fine lines, loss of volume and sagging skin.

Why Gouri?

Aging signs can be corrected through volume restoration. Gouri, an FDA-Approved skin booster with collagen‐stimulating properties rejuvenates our skin by spreading naturally on the entire face after treatment. It generates collagen synthesis which has decreased due to the skin-aging.

Gouri treatment, anti-aging, Gouri, injectable, anti aging, solubilized biodegradable, biocompatible PCL, Polycarprolactone, skin booster, rejuvenates, fine lines, dullness, sagging skin, wrinkles, collagen
GOURI treatment carried out by Dr Gan Lee Ping, an Associate Doctor From The Artisan Clinic

Is GOURI Suitable For Me?

If you think that the term “Anti-Aging” is targeted at people age 40 and above, you will be horrified to know that in actuality, it is for people age 25 and above. From around the age of 25 the first signs of aging start to become apparent on the surface of the skin. Fine lines appear first then wrinkles, a loss of volume and a loss of elasticity become noticeable over time. Our skin ages for a variety of different reasons but the main point is to note that – eventually everyone’s face wrinkles and ages.

This is why, though I am in my early 30s, I’m already researching treatments that can help slow down the effects of ageing on my skin. I do believe that had I known better, I would have started on anti-ageing treatments and products when I turned 25.

With that said, GOURI is perfect for people age 25 and above.

What Is The GOURI Treatment Like?

It is a very quick treatment administered by a Doctor. GOURI is injected deep into the dermis via a very tiny needle. The whole process takes about 30 minutes including the numbing of your skin. The treatment is very tolerable with minimal to no discomfort.

There is no downtime. After the treatment, one can proceed to go shopping, have a feast and run whatever errands you have planned for the day. That is perfect for me because time, is also something I run out of often. Haha

Gouri treatment, artisan clinic, injectable, anti-aging, Anti aging treatment
GOURI treatment administered by Dr Gan Lee Ping, as Associate Doctor at The Artisan Clinic

What Is The Cost Of GOURI?

Typically, the price of a GOURI treatment is $1200/treatment. It is recommended that 3 treatments are done 4 weeks apart to achieve the most optimal results. After completing 3 GOURI treatments, the results are said to last 12 to 24 months.

The Artisan Clinic offers a deal of 3 GOURI treatments at $3000.

Like your typical Singaporean aunty, I need to make sure that this treatment is worth-while and value for money. GOURI is basically like a $4.10/day subscription to the fountain of youth, I can’t say no to this right? After all, when I look at the endless shelves of creams, lotions and toners I have that probably costs me no less than $2000 every 3 months, how can I argue that $4.10/day is too much to pay to slow down what age will do to my face!

Do book an appointment fast if you want to enjoy the deal because from what I have heard, the GOURI treatments are flying of the shelves and stocks are going fast.

GOURI – Before & After

before & after, gouri treatment, refine,  wrinkles, fine line, anti-aging, injectable
GOURI – Before and After

I have booked my appointment and I cannot wait to see my results. Will definitely share my before and after photos with everyone here!