Baby Safety Gate

Baby Safety Gate

Baby Safety Gate

I have been wanting to get a safety gate for the longest time but due to so many reasons, i have been putting it off. As you all know, im a renter. So every 1 year or so, i would move to a different house (HDB, why dont you approve me sooner?!! <—– cause my husband is a foreigner. sigh). Anyway, since im always moving and the houses all have different doorways and areas that i need to seal off, i know i needed to buy a safety gate but all the areas different size!! ):

Reasons why i didnt get around to buying one:

1) There were so many different gates in the market

2) There wasnt really enough information on safety gates

3) Drilling (alot of the safety gates in the market require drilling if you want them to be sturdy and thats not going to work for me because i rent and i dont think i should be drilling holes into my landlord’s house)

4) The size and measurements (most of the safety gates are of a standard size and dont fit certain spaces or areas)

5) Price

6) Some gates arent really that “safe”. (It may keep your little tot out of the area but also cause other dangers with the latch or catches on the gate, or if its not sturdy, topple over when your little tot tries to do the grand theft auto)

7) Because im very lazy

BUT i finally got around to getting one!


Finally able to ensure that the kitchen area is OUT OF BOUNCE to babies and toddlers!

Finally able to ensure that the kitchen area is OUT OF BOUNCE to babies and toddlers!

Presenting my MomAndMe Baby Safety Gate! And i absolutely love it. Why? Because its the first gate that i found that actually fits ALL of my needs.

1) No DRILLING and very sturdy!! (although it also comes with the parts for drilling if you do want it drilled & i know its sturdy because i asked my husband to lean against it to see if it will budge and it DIDNT)

2) Its simple to install (i hate putting things together when they are complicated. cause i have a toddler and i need to do things fast before he comes and steal my parts HAHA, also because im lazy.)

3) It comes with extension pieces!! This part is also my favourite part because it means that when i move house or whenever needed, i can just buy extension pieces to fit whatever space i want section off from the kids.

4) Its cost friendly.

$69 Usual Price BUT now on promo at only $50!!

(I got mine from FB seller Little Rattlez)

More Info On MomAndMe Baby Safety Gate

Extensions Available

Extensions Available

Materials and Measurements

Materials and Measurements

And the seller, Judy, is also super friendly! 😀 Her husband was very kind to deliver for me ASAP as i informed them that i was due to deliver on the 11th and really need the safety gate set up ASAP.

And i think because i was so heavily pregnant, i think he felt bad and also did the installation for me! HAHA! Thank you so much!

Good product + Good service! Whats there not to be happy about right?

I can finally feel a more relaxed that Charles wont venture into the kitchen (where there are soooo many dangers lurking around) while im breastfeeding or busy with Mikhail.