Cheaters Will Always Cheat, Regardless

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I read an article last weekend with the headlines Dating Apps, Social Media make it easy for Singaporeans to swipe right into infidelity published by Today. Is it really the case? That just because we now have these platforms to enable people to just…cheat more and cheat easily?

I do not agree. In fact, I think social media actually helps us catch and expose more of these people who cheat. Back in the ancient times where we did not have a mobile phone to reach for, how would a wife or husband know where their partners may be or what they may be doing.

The age old “Honey I’m off to work!” Is the last you will hear from your husband until he gets home from work for the day. If he came home at 1am reeking of alcohol, how would you know where he went? Was he working in the office and grabbed a drink while he was doing the numbers for some reports or did he have to drink some potential business deal under the table at a sleazy waterhole? Maybe, he finished work many hours ago or maybe, he didn’t even go to work. Let us not forget that back in the day, many had more than 1 wife/family as well.

Dating apps were originally created for the people who have not found love and are hoping to. However, in our very modern society, dating apps are now used by people seeking companionship with like-minded people or by those who are trying to score a fuck.

It is unfortunate that people who want to cheat are riding on these inventions to cheat but is it really easier?

The thing about a cheater is that they will always, find ways, to cheat, regardless. Isn’t it easier to cheat with an office colleague? Because you wont even need to find an excuse to see your “fling” since he/she will be at your workplace 5 days a week. A place which is perfectly normal for you to be at…5 days a week too. It is also probably much easier to explain why someone saw you with your colleague having lunch outside (because of work or whatever) than trying to explain why you were spotted having lunch with a random stranger.

The act of cheating is a very clear sign that they do not care at all about how their actions will hurt their partner, the sanctity of their marriage and breaking the very promise of eternity to the one family member they can personally choose in their life.

We cannot choose our parents. We can’t choose our kids. The only choice we get to make is who we will marry.

Am I not wrong to say that since we get to choose who we want by our side to journey this thing called LIFE together, should we not take it seriously and ensure that we choose wisely?

Even if there comes a time in that marriage where we realise that we might have chosen wrongly, do we not owe it to the other person to, at the very least, let them know, set them free and then move on to our next choice?

A coward will choose the easy way of just cheating, which he/she would do anyway regardless. Even if we didn’t have dating apps today, I’m sure these cheaters can go online through chat rooms to find a fling. Even so, these cheaters will also manage to find someone to cheat with if internet was not available and there were no chat rooms invented in our world.

Cheaters will always cheat, regardless.