Diary Entry | Mundane Monday

Found time to finally update my website with a new layout and new photos, so here is my 2021 resolution to post up at least 3 entries per week (no matter how mundane my posts may be).

By the way, my face is rashing up and peeling! It started last week, a day after we took our 12-year wedding anniversary shoot. At first it was just some dry skin which I attributed to not using enough moisturiser but today, I woke up looking like a freaking onion that was left to soak for way too long.

I. Look. Hideous. 🙄

Despite my peeling face, I still had to soldier on and went to work as usual because I had shit to do.

Ranted on my Instagram about my face situation and I have a hunch that my skin is inflamed because the MUA for the wedding shoot either used dirty brushes or contaminated makeup. Great. Now I just have to pray really hard that someone at Artisan will be able to save my face.

Almost missed my manicure appointment too but thankfully, they called me at 3:58pm to ask me if I will be arriving at 4pm.

“Yes! I will be there” ..but really, I forgot and will call for a grabcar right away. Rushed out of my office and had issues with my grab booking because the driver can’t freaking understand my location (I don’t get it, I literally put the whole address including the lobby number and you still can’t find it?) but thankfully, ran into a friend who was in the building viewing units for his upcoming venture. He gave me a lift and I got to my appointment at 4:20pm. 20 minutes late is……..forgivable, right?

Will take better photos of my nails this week and put it up on IG. Once my nails looked festive AF (I requested for a mash between CNY and Valentines) without making me gag, I was off for a dinner with old friends at Skewer Bar. Honestly craving their chawanmushi the whole of last week. Adjourned to chill at my friend’s house once dinner was done where we, basically sat around, listened to music, drank ice water (yup, cause dry Jan) and lament about our hairloss while we all chuckled in sadness.

It really was a pretty productive Monday, wouldn’t you agree?