Easter with The Volkovs (Review + Giveaway)


What have we been up to? Well, apart from being driven up the wall by our ex-maid who was operating an illegal human-trafficking ring (yeah, i know, just our luck), we have been busy training our new maid (100% fresh) and juggling kids and work. The Easter holidays came just in time for the husband and I to catch a good breather and just concentrate on having a fun-filled weekend with the kids. We had a super yummy meal at Hana restaurant, located at Forum Shopping Mall. Its Japanese cuisine and my 19 month old, 3.5 year old & husband really love the food there. The prices are very reasonable too! Do go early if you want seats during lunch as it can get really packed.


After our meal, it was time for the kids to take their afternoon naps BUT we saw this interesting sand play place and just had to check it out. Its on level 2, next to the book store. Husband and decided to just let the kids play and fingers- crossed that they will take their nap later and not be cranky.


Sandy Dandy, the name of this indoor sand playground is a really relaxed place for both kids and parents. There is a quaint little cafe inside their premises which serves cakes, coffee and tea (and water, for camels like me).


There are quite alot of tables and chairs where mummies can sit down, chill, have a chat or just take a breather while the kids play inside the sand pit! 😀 Another great thing about this place, which I like is the open-concept design which seems to make the place look bigger, and not feel like you are in a little box. The glass windows and panels really allows the whole place to just feel, open and bright.


As you can tell, from the entrance, there is a little picnic playground area which has a cool caravan structure with toys in it and thats where kids can play while mummy/daddy registers and gets sanitized. (They use SURECLEAN products so you know they are serious about hygiene while ensuring that the products are safe!)

NOTE: Do remember to remove your shoes at the entrance before the registration counter as this is afterall, a playground for babies and kids. 

There is also a good-sized inflatable bouncy castle at the end of the cafe area where older (18 months onwards) kids could play in. The reason why I state older kids is because its not big enough for adults so if babies that are too young go inside to play, older children might accidentally hurt the baby while jumping. It is a BOUNCY castle, not a SIT-DOWN castle.


Okay, enough of the place, lets look at how much fun the kids were having! 😀 Pictures galore ahead, enjoy!

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If you have young kids, Sandy Dandy is definitely a place you would want to bring them! By the way, I was actually quite paranoid about the sand going into their eyes and stuff but, after speaking to the owner, was surprised to learn that the sand used in this place is children-safe sand. There is such a thing, seriously. So basically, all the sand in Sandy Dandy are rounded so there are zero sharp edges or sharp sand. I did go into the sand pit with my kids and i must say, the sand seriously feels very different. Super soft, and super fine. The best thing? IT DOESNT STICK ON US! So after we have played enough, just need to brush off the sand with the given brushes at the entrance of the sand play area and we were sand-free! <3 We will definitely be back to visit this place again!


Both tired-out little munchkins KO-ed in their comfy carseats! LOL. We really need to do something about the safety harness though! The little ones keeps taking his arms out and the older one just removes the whole thing by himself! Zzzzzz.



I have FIVE Single Admissions to Sandy Dandy up for grabs, so read on to find out how you can win your little one an entry into Singapore’s most fun Indoor Sand Playground! <3

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*Giveaway ends 24th April 2017.

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Until next time! Goodluck everyone!