Is Your Love Conditional?

Will You Love Me At My Worst?

Will You Love Me At My Worst?

Is Your Love Conditional?

I know this may offend many parents and generally just offend many people but i just have to get it out there. Its something i believe in, something i stand by and people who are close to me will know that this is who i am.

Im picky with my love, maybe even a little bit selfish with it. I dont think everyone related to me deserves my love or my concern, im careful with who i choose to love. Why? Simply because love is a very strong, very serious and a commitment till my last breath word. Its a promise from me that i will love, care and be there for you even when its inconvenient for me or when you are doing the worse things in life. Even if you make a mistake over and over again, i will still be by your side to support and encourage you to stop and do better, and even if you dont, i will still be there. Because i know that you need me.

So you see, its a full time commitment that you can only make to a very selective few in your life.

People often say that a parent’s love is unconditional. That blood is thicker than water (i guess scientifically, it is true as blood is thicker in consistency) and that no love is more real than that of someone who is blood related to you. Is that really true? Its not.

Many parents i have known and met have proven to me that they only love their children when their children are easy to love. What do i mean? For example, the child is only loved, supported and encouraged when he/she is doing well and good like getting good grades, behaving properly and basically just not doing anything crazy and making big mistakes. Once the child starts giving them problems or are having problems, these parents start showing no interest in being there for the child. Im not saying that ALL the parents i know are such, im just saying there are quite a handful of them that are like this. And im also not saying that its wrong, because its a personal choice but just dont claim that your love is unconditional. Clearly, its conditional. Another example would be blood related siblings/relatives, fighting over their parent’s inheritance. To me, that just tells me that your love for money seems more unconditional than your love for you siblings.

What about love for your husband/wife? Is it unconditional? Or does it sour the second he starts earning less or when she stops waxing her legs and underarms? Does that love lessen when she grows fat or when he sports a beer belly? Would that love still be there when he is going through a crazy episode or mid-life crisis and she being a bitch for whatever reason she has, would you still stick by him/her? Even in tough times, when you hit rock bottom and have nothing left, would that love still be there?

The definition of Unconditional Love:

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, or complete love.

So ask yourself, is your love unconditional?

Its easy to love a person at their best, but to love someone at their worst, thats real love.

Its rare to find such love these days so treasure it if you do find a love like this. Love is thicker than blood. smile emoticon