RATING: The Sex Lives Of College Girls

I like this show. It is easy to watch although it can seem a tad too predictable. It was nice to wander back into the carefree lives with zero responsibilities, a bunch of sex with different people and indulging in the occasional bad life choices. Gone are those days and in reality, I definitely don’t miss it because I hate uncertainty and dating…is uncertainty. But it is fun to re-visit the carefree-ness, even if its just vicariously through my HBO GO.

Is it just me or are they short of a chinese girl in there?

The first thing I noticed is the diverse group of main characters. I especially like Bela Malhotra played by actress Amrit Kaur. I don’t even know who Amrit Kaur is before this show but hell she definitely played her character well. Initially, I was apprehensive. Because lord knows we don’t need another stereotypical teen drama flick with the occasional flashes of a boob or dick but as it pleasantly turns out, this show was anything but.

The main characters didn’t all have the standard flat tummies, perky round shaped boobs and perfectly-in-place hair, they looked realistic. There is a touch of relative authenticity that I don’t remember seeing in the teen dramas I grew up watching (those girls were STICK THIN).

Totally loving the fact that i can relate to having arms that are not toned. 🙂

Secondly, its great that its not another one of those mean-girl story line where they focus so much on the bitchy beautiful queen bee who rules the school wearing a tiny mini skirt while her lackeys tail behind her like needy puppy dogs. I mean, that shit is old. I can’t believe i still see trailers with those plots. OMG yes we all know that the plain Jane next door is gonna somehow stun the shit out of everyone else when she pats on some makeup…SURPRISE!

I’m just happy I didn’t see any of that in the first season of this series.

I heard that season 2 is coming out and can’t wait (yay! More awkward sex/make out sesh).

Final Rating: 7/10