The Dempsey Project : A Happy Breakfast

If you were wondering where to go in Singapore for a good breakfast, we got you covered! We discovered a new breakfast place and it is a must try on our list! The Dempsey Project opens at 8am daily, serving up freshly baked fluffy croissants with butter and jam (I’m an addict) amongst other delightful breakfast choices. Their breakfast menu consists of gluten-free choices as well which means, for people like my husband, he can still enjoy a hearty yummy breakfast and not have to feel sluggish after.

Menu from The Dempsey Project

My favourite item is their freshly baked croissant (no prizes for guessing this right) and the husband’s favourite was Riyana’s Smashed Avo & Egg on Grilled Sweet Potato. This dish has a splash of chilli oil which is from Ri’s, a brand founded by a holistic nutritionist (NTP), recipe developer, mom of three boys, and lover of all things food! It is gluten-free and extremely yummy!

Riyana’s Smashed Avo & Egg on Grilled Sweet Potato

This place is also dog-friendly. I need to ask if it is also cat friendly the next time I’m there because so far, I have only seen doggies. We have not attempted to take Shelby or Luna out to a cafe but would love to try that someday. Maybe on a day where I don’t have to rush off to work after an early breakfast.

The Dempsey Project also has their very own little store inside the cafe where we can get gourmet quality products should we want to attempt to prepare some yummy dishes in our own kitchens. From the Chanel of balsamic vinegars to beautifully made pastas, there is something there for all the put together hostesses in us. Oh! Let’s not forget their cheese room. They have a good truffle collection which i have yet to try but will!

Truffle Egg on Sourdough

Since we are on the topic of truffle, this is a must-try! It’s the Truffle Egg and its divine. I’m literally jonesing for this as i type this post because of the photo. This was a recommendation by Payal, one of the owners and even though we conversed only for a very brief time, I can tell she really knows her food. In fact, she was the one who pointed out that the husband may be allergic to gluten. Their sausages and bacons are gluten-free as well!

Just me and a fellow bitch friend hanging out during breakfast with our teas (because we both don’t really drink coffee) catching up on the latest that’s been going on in our lives. Adult things, you know? I think a hot topic we had this session was regarding our hair and how its rapidly diminishing from our heads. Like, where did all the hair go? No, we are not that old. Well, at least not old enough to be bald but yet, our glaring scalps speaks a different story.

I have always had thin, fine hair but after giving birth twice, I realised all that talk about your hair falling off 4 months post-partum and then growing back again over time after didn’t go as planned. My hair did start falling out as soon as i cut the babies out of my body but what happened to the growing back part? That “growing back” phase never happened for me. My last baby is already 6 years old and I have long given up.

I tried many things, believe me. I tried shampoos, conditioners, treatments. I think these all possibly helped to slow down the rate of my hair loss (which to be honest was quite disturbing), but I definitely don’t see thick volume of hair growing from my scalp.

Recently I did start taking some hair supplements though and it did help. I know it did because it even helped my non-existent eyelash grow to a length where I can now do LASH LIFTS! Yeap, I previously tried going for a lash lift service and the lady literally said to me “miss, your lash cannot, too short, can’t lift…”

That was………..depressing.

But yeah, I successfully went for a lash lift after taking these hair supplements for 3 months and even with my naked eye, I can clearly see that my lashes have grown. Thicker, longer and i think the lashes are stronger as well.

Shelby and me

This photo above is just cute so I’m putting it up to show my lifted lashes and Shelby’s shocked face. The hair supplement that I’m taking is called Miriqa and it was introduced to me by a girlfriend. She swears by it and told me to give it a shot. I’m still taking it, on my 6th month now. The sides of my temple shows some improvement but I’m hoping for the hair on the top middle portion of my scalp to improve.

Gonna turn in now. Goodnight everyone!