Tollyjoy Electric Pump

Tollyjoy Double Electric Pump!

Okay. So everyone knows im pro breastfeeding and im crazy about breast pumps and such. I own 4 manual pumps and 3 electric pumps in total. AND 3 months back, i was gifted by Tollyjoy, their brand new Double Electric Breast Pump! 😀

I was really excited to test it out as Tollyjoy is a local brand and i wanted to see if it will measure up *ahem against my favourite double electric pump (the Medela PISA).

The Tollyjoy Double Electric Pump (from here on known as TJpump) comes in a sweet white and pink colour combination which is pleasing to my eyes. It has up to 10 different pump speeds and intensity and a setting for initial let down stage lasting about 2 mins (you can always repeat the let down setting if you have the need).

The first thing i noticed about the TJpump is their flanges which looks small compared to my Medela ones. As i have very big breasts, it did make it a little more difficult to have the flanges cover my areola comfortably. So i guess it would be great if TollyJoy could make different sizes for their flanges to suit the needs of breastfeeding mothers with bigger breast. Despite the small sized flanges, i must say that the suction of the TJpump really impressed me. It was just as powerful as my Medela PISA (which so far, no other pumps i tested have matched) and it felt like i had better control of the intensity with the TJpump because the setting was with the LCD screen (which, btw, also has a memory setting so it remembers your preferred intensity with just 1 button). Medela PISA is using the dial kind where you turn the knob to set the intensity and sometimes i over or under do it. I guess i would say that the LCD concept on the TJpump makes that a little more convenient.

The TJpump also comes with a music function, which, i find completely useless because the melodies are not soothing whatsoever. However, thats just me. Maybe someone else would find it so soothing that they would snooze off listening to it.

The parts were easy to put together and equally easy to take apart for washing and sterilising.

For a fraction of the price of a Medela, i would say the TJpump is a good choice for those of you who want a double electric pump that delivers almost the same functions and is almost as good. I would recommend this pump to breastfeeding mummies new to the journey (breast size must not be bigger then a C cup or you will have trouble fitting the flanges comfortably).

Happy Pumping!!

p.s (you can getit at a good price at the upcoming SuperMom Bazaar baby fair coming up in AUGUST!!

* Product was a gift but this is my honest review. I was not paid to do this review, as always.Reviews on MLBB are 100% organic.