We Are Home!

Mikhail <3

Mikhail <3

This will be a quick one!

We (Mikhail and I) are finally home!! 😀 Thank you for all the warm and well wishes, we feel extremely excited about becoming parents all over again a second time! Charles has been such a sweet amazing big brother that i just cant help but feel so so so proud of him. When he saw Mikhail for the first time (i was actually attempting my virgin latch with Mikhail), he came over to the hospital bed and stroked his little brother’s hair and tried to give him a kiss (Charles didnt manage to give that kiss because he could not reach Mikhail’s face). Nevertheless, it was still a really sweet moment that warmed my heart. Mummy loves you Charles! *kisskiss

Im really excited to come home because i wanted Mikhail to sleep in his beautiful bed with all the soft fluffy bedding that i have prepared for him! Look at him sleeping so soundly, he must love it!

Bedding Set from www.jazeandbaby.com.sg/

Bedding Set from www.jazeandbaby.com.sg

Look at the soft blue and green colours. I absolutely fell in love with it when i saw it on their website. And also because i have been reading this book to Charles thats titled “Giraffes Cant Dance”, Im now a little crazy about cute giraffe prints. The sheets are soft and feels really comfortable. Its made of premium microfleece and cotton material. You really should feel the diffference with a bedding set made of quality material as compared to those made of lousier ones. The lousy materials sometimes feels so rough or hot when you sleep on it, YUCK! I didnt get the chance to buy a nice bedding for Charles and really wanted to make an effort this time round (i think thats why Charles never liked the cot)! This bedding set also comes with a matching diaper organizer but im using it as a organizer for baby cloth books and some baby toys instead. Anyway, i wish i was a baby so i could sleep in this cot. HAHAHAHA!

7pcs set includes:

1 x fitted sheet

1 x quilt

1 x quilt cover

2 pcs set bumper

1 x pillow

1 x pillow case

Includes a free matching diaper organizer!!

Giraffe Mama and Son Bedding Set from www.jazeandbaby.com.sg

Giraffe Mama and Son Bedding Set from www.jazeandbaby.com.sg


(20% discount for all my readers when you make your purchase from their online store! HURRRRRY)

Charles and Mikhail

Charles and Mikhail

Tonight will be the first night all four of us will sleep together in the same room. I wonder how will it turn out? Any suggestions from experienced parents of 2? Do share your experiences with me! Alright, Mikhail is stirring for his milk so its time for this cow to be milked!