Perfect Parent

Charles at 21 months

Charles at 21 months

Im a stay at home mother devoting all my time to my child because it is my decision (also because im fortunate enough to be able to). I make parenting decisions everyday and I’d like to seem like i know what i am doing. But do i really?


The truth is, im just doing my best. Most times im trying not to be conflicted by the 100 different sources on the internet on how to handle a single situation. At times i doubt my choice and sometimes, i feel insecure at parenting. What if im making a huge mistake? Is this the right approach? Maybe its better if i just do it like how this mummy on the web does it, i dont know. And this is the truth, we are all clueless! Every baby is different and react differently to situations. We shouldnt beat ourselves up as long as we know we are doing our best.

I see alot of mothers pointing fingers and criticizing other people’s parenting, i am sometimes guilty of doing that myself. But its not right and its also not fair. How do we know what circumstances the other mother (or father) is in? Even if they were doing it “wrong”, maybe they just need some gentle nudging in the “right” direction instead of judgemental comments. I know there were instances where i wasnt my best at parenting Charles. We are human afterall.

Perfect parents dont exist, we are just parents doing our best.

Encourage and help, put away our judgemental mindset today.