Dear Charles

Charles On His Dirt Bike

Charles On His Dirt Bike

Dear Charles,

Im writing to tell you how much i love and adore you, also how this would be the last time i say that you are my favourite son in the whole world because very soon, you wont be my only son (but you will always be my first).

You were the one who brought me into motherhood. You showed me how much i could love and how much i could do. You gave me the strength to get through things i didnt even know i could. You showed me life in the most beautiful way.

To be honest with you, im a little scared. I dont know how will i love another as much as i love you. Im also a little excited that your little brother will be arriving soon because i cant wait for you to meet him (for ALL of us to meet him).

I know i wont be able to spend all my time with you the way i do now, and i hope that you will understand. Who knows, maybe you can help me out by showing your little brother the love of our family.

I love you my son, i always will.

your mother’s heart