Ciinolin, I LOVE IT!

Comfortably sleeping in my Ciinolin

Comfortably sleeping in my Ciinolin

Im so so so so in love with this Ciinolin  swaddle. Its so soft and gets softer with each wash! 😀

I love it so much, i bring it with me everywhere and its so versatile! In the above picture, its just a light blanket for Mikhail in a cool but not air-conditioned room.

Ciinolin as my BEDSHEEEET

Ciinolin as my BEDSHEEEET

Over here, im using it as a matress cover!

As a nursing cover!

As a nursing cover!

TADAH!!!! Now its a beautiful and soft nursing cover! The fabric is so cooling and nice.

And for the real purpose of the Ciinolin swaddles,

Swaddling Mikhail

Swaddling Mikhail

To swadddddle our babies!!

1 product, so many different ways to utilize it! And the prints on these swaddles are SOOOOO beautiful! Whats there not to love about whimsical prints? The size of these swaddles are also very generous, unlike those tiny ones that you usually get, these ones are big enough for me to swaddle Charles if i please. If you havent gotten Ciinolin, you should NOW!

You can buy Ciinolin from:


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I have 3 sets of Ciinolin swaddles to giveaway to 3 lucky readers. All you need to do is follow the simple steps below! 😀

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Q: How many ways can you use the Ciinolin swaddles?

Giveaway ends on the 26th of September 2015!