For the longest time, i have been wanting to buy a water and sand play table for Charles. I tried looking on Amazon but most of them dont ship to Singapore. ): So i totally forgot about it for awhile and suddenly, I came across this page on Facebook called THE MAMA STORE! They have quite a few choices on the water and sand play tables. YAY! It was a breeze ordering from them and delivery was very fast. I opted for courier (cause its a bulky item, obviously. and because i couldnt wait to play with it).

Water & Sand play table!

Water & Sand play table!

I set it up with some water beads (you need to grow them for about 8-12 hours for the maximum size) and water.

Picking out the watter beads!

Picking out the water beads!

I have always believed that children through play and i really enjoy all the play activities i do with Charles! Counting water beads and picking out the right colours are one of the things i can do with this fabulous water play table. AND AND AND it comes with so many accessories! Buckets, shoels, scoops and many more. The table also features 2 boats that move in the water as you turn the handle on the side.

turning the handle causes the water to flow

turning the handle causes the water to flow

Turning the handle causes the water to flow and the boats to move! Charles loves turning the handle and watching the boats according to the water current. (:

The cheerful colours! :D

The cheerful colours! 😀

Charles LOVES his water & sand play table and im a happy mummy!

And with the haze these days, its a great way to keep the little ones happy indoors! Tons of fun things to do and different ways to set up. AND ITS NOT EXPENSIVE!! 😀

Only $45.90 and the quality is good!

You can get your from:

A little bit about THE MAMA STORE!

“Bringing in only the items we love, The Mama Store sources for toys and lifestyle products not just for the young ones; but also the ones that are young at heart.

Explore our carefully curated collections and share our mindset of learning through play.

Time is precious, and here at The Mama Store, we’d like you to spend every moment with your kids whenever you have some to spare. So go pick up your loved ones, and let us do the shopping for you.”

AND AND AND they even have a blog to give you ideas on other learning through play activities which is totally free! I love that they are strong believers in what they sell and isnt all about making money! 😀

Thank you THE MAMA STORE for the splendid variety of activities i can do with your water play table!