Combi Fealetto Auto Swing, Absolute Convenience

Snack time for Charles!

Snack time for Charles!

If you have not heard, COMBI has launched a new multifunctional product that is an essential for all parents (especially if you have a newborn). You know how you have a cot in the room for the baby to lay down because for the first 4 months of a baby’s life, they do exactly just that? Yeah. The Fealetto Auto Swing is perfect as it can be used as a simple infant bed and also a baby chair (once your baby starts to sit up).

I used put Charles in those old school net bouncers which is placed on the floor and so to carry him up, i’d have to bend down (really not very comfy while recovering from my c-section). The Fealetto Auto Swing is just the perfect height for me so i wont have to bend down low to attend to him. The unit comes with wheels and is so easy to just push it to any part of the house. There are locks on the wheels to prevent it from moving once i stationed it at my desired location. (Im sure this will make celebrating my baby’s full month ALOT easier since i can just bring this with me to which ever venue given that its not very heavy and is the perfect portable bed for a 1 month old infant)

It has a music and auto swing (very gentle) function which is pretty awesome calming down babies (of course, please exercise caution and always supervise the baby, as with using any other products) when they are in a fussy mood. It has 4 speed settings for the swinging motion and has 5 different reclined position (from a good upright position to completely flat for sleeping). A spacious utility storage box at the side to store some basic supplies (diapers, wipes etc) is just great! I never have to leave my wipes lying around the house on shelves anymore. Its always right beside the baby tucked away neatly in the box.

As mentioned above, this product is not just a simple infant bed, but also turns into a high chair for our growing babies! It can take a maximum weight of up to 18kg and has a removable tray. I actually placed my toddler son on it while i do my work and he seems to enjoy himself (he wont sit on his high chair when i do my work usually, sooooo this is a plus!).

The only downside i can think of is that this unit needs to be plugged in to a socket for the swing and music functions to work and the wire isnt that long but its not that short either, soooooo i guess it will do.

Mikhail sleeping comfortably in the Combi Fealetto Auto Swing!

Mikhail sleeping comfortably in the Combi Fealetto Auto Swing!

I really love this awesome parenting station as it is really helpful for me to just have Mikhail close by anywhere i go around the house. I could be doing an activity box with Charles in the living room, Pumping in the playroom or just having my meal (or feeding Charles his meal) at the dining room, im happy to know that Mikhail is comfortably sleeping or just resting next to me! I have not started using the auto swing function yet as Mikhail is still way too young but that would be a pretty nifty function to have if you have a baby who loves being rocked to sleep (no more tired hands).

The caddy at the side is spacious and allows me to store diapers, a pack of wipes and some skin products that i use on Mikhail (nappy cream etc). How convenient? Very, so i wont have to have stuff lying randomly around the house or have to run to the room to get his supplies when i need it. 😀 The unit doesnt take up so much space so its perfect for all kinds of homes, even homes with limited space!

Charles loves it too!

Charles loves it too!

Look at Charles enjoying his Elmo songs next to me while im doing my work!

I would highly recommend this product to parents who want to buy a product that grows with your baby. A great addition to any home with babies.

Items With The Unit:

– Main Body (the station)
– Seat Cushion + Base Seat
– Storage Box
– Dacco Cushion (infant insert)
– Power Cord
– Instruction Menu
– Tray

I hope this helps if you are deciding on investing in a infant bed thats easy to transport around the home AND can be used as your baby outgrows their “sleep all day” phase.