Feature: Yamatoya Buono Amice


Since the weather outside has been fickle, we spent our saturday morning bonding with our kids over some creative colouring and drawing!

We recently got the Yamatoya SG Buono Amice table and chair set from Manner Of Living Company and it is one the best things we bought for the charles! Since he is now 5, we decided he should get his own table for homework, drawing and craft time at home.

Adjustable to three different heights, the table and chair accommodates to your child’s growth. The table is accompanied by a drawer to allow your child to store away his/her materials neatly, it has a built in stopper to prevent kids from pulling the table out.

The set-up for this table and chair is very simple as well. You can fix it up in under 5 mins!

This beautiful and solid wooden study desk is suitable for kids aged 1 – 5.

Each set consists of 1 table and 1 chair, it has a built in drawer and a red and blue trinket.

The White Buono is exclusive to Singapore!

Yamatoya is one of Japan’s oldest children furniture brand. Designing and manufacturing furniture for over 80 years, the brand strives for affordable high quality living.

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Hope you enjoyed the video and feature. Till the next post, bye. 😀