The Body Shop : Ginger Haircare Series (New Launch)

The Body Shop has recently released a preview of their new 100% vegan Ginger haircare series and I was invited down to the beautiful garden-themed hair salon, to experience a wash and blow using the newly launched hair care products. What better way to spend my Friday morning than with my bunch of #mumsquad getting our wash-and-blow on!

This haircare series promises to soothe, rebalance and strengthen sensitive scalp and weaker hair!

Fun Fact: Did you know that your scalp can also get sunburned? YES! When we think of sunburn, we tend to think of red shoulders, faces and chests. But even under all that hair, your scalp can get sunburned too. I only realized this when we were in Redang 2 weeks ago and since we spent 80% of our time at the beach or out at sea under the unforgiving sunrays, my scalp started scabbing! *sigh So remember to protect your scalp when you go under strong sunshine and if you do get sunburned, use gentle hair products and wash hair under cool water only until it heals!


I felt a cool tingly sensation when the shampoo touched my scalp, which felt nice and the scent was really pleasant. After the wash and blow, I felt really refreshed and my hair looked healthy, bouncy and great! 1 wash is definitely not enough for me to determine if the products did what it says but the overall experience was really good!

This photo was taken right after my wash and blow, I love it! I wish my hair looked like this everyday. LOL!

Obviously, when we meet up, we have to take many photos. Always a great time with these girlies!

Thanks for the invite @thebodyshopsg