I Tried The Celeb-loved Treatment From Her World And This Is My Verdict

Credit for the image (on the left) grabbed from HERWORLD

There is a new kid on the block and The Artisan Group (comprising of The Artisan Clinic and The Artisan Wellness) has got the first and only machine housed nicely at their swanky clinic at Wisma Atria, right in the heart of Orchard Road.


The CynoSure 5D is a non-invasive, instant result treatment that promises to lift and brighten the skin while also stimulating and building our own natural collagen-production. It targets all 5 layers of the face and unlike traditional laser that thins the skin (skin usually becomes sensitive with conventional laser), the CynoSure 5D ensures you leave the clinic looking better with zero downtime, instantly glowing from the very first session.

Confidence in your own skin starts with the right choice of treatments and care.

What Can The CynoSure Elite IQ 5D Laser Do For Your Skin?

According to Dr Wong, the Elite IQ laser is a “top of the range long-pulse laser machine” and comes with two laser wavelengths – 755nm and 1064nm.

This is what makes the Elite IQ machine unique as Dr Wong explains that most laser machines offer only one laser wavelength, which means it is able to “do either pigment-reducing, veins-reducing or scars-reducing, and only one effect at a time”. With its dual laser wavelengths, the Elite IQ machine is able to achieve two or three effects at the same time.

In addition, its long pulse properties together with the use of multiple handpieces, are able to target all five layers of the skin, from the surface to the deeper layers, to address a range of skin concerns from dullness and melasma to sagging.

More importantly, “this is also the first laser that can provide a lifting effect, which usually only RadioFrequency or Ultrasound machines could do previously,” says Dr Wong. This, he explains, is achieved as the energy heats up the tissues, to a comfortable 38 to 42 deg C, which is the optimal temperature for producing collagen.

Before and After (immediately)

I always want to have skin that don’t require make-up to look “I woke up like this” because as a person who is ALWAYS rushing for time, I really don’t have time to fiddle with makeup. Granted, I’m not exactly the savviest with make-up. I once mistook an eyeshadow for lip shimmer.

My Experience During The Treatment

Out of the aesthetic treatments I have done so far, the CynoSure 5D was the least painful. In fact, I almost felt no discomfort except for a few of the areas where my skin has more nerves and were more sensitive. Even so, in those areas, the discomfort was fleeting and totally tolerable. Think of it like a passing ant running across your face and accidentally touched you. It was gone before I could feel the discomfort.

I actually did this treatment LIVE on Instagram if you do follow me on IG as my friends wanted to see my reaction live (because I have the lowest tolerance for pain). I cry, even when I got my eyebrows done.

Who Is Suitable For This Treatment?

Those who have pigmentation like me, saggy skin, wrinkled skin, eye bags, wrinkles and dull or uneven skin tone can absolutely look into getting this treatment done.

CynoSure 5D Results (2 weeks after)

I was amazed by the results right after but as the weeks went by, my skin only got better! That means that the treatment really did deliver what it promised, to help with stimulating and building collagen. So as much as it’s amazing on being the instant result, zero downtime glow-up that every busy power woman need, it also works in the backend to help improve our skin over time.

You can find out more about CynoSure 5D from The Artisan Clinic or The Artisan Wellness


1 session is $1800

They offer a trial price of $1500 for first timers. All you need to do is click HERE to book an appointment.

Each session lasts for 4 to 6 months so technically, you only need to do it 2 to 3 times a year. Which, in my opinion, is great if I am promised good skin all year round!

Skin confidence starts with choosing the right clinic! Wouldn’t you agree?