Jumptopia : Holiday Village

M sitting on an inflatable giant sunny side-up egg!

Take your kids to the Jumptopia : Holiday Village by @kiztopiasg at MBS this holiday and you are going to be their favourite parent! 😉

A total of 15 different inflatable attracttions for your active little ones to expand their energy (they have so much of it!) to their fullest. Jump, climb, bounce, run and even roll about in a giant bubble ball!

Tips for your visit:

  1. Wear long pants. As the inflatable slides are pretty steep, you wouldn’t want your skin to suffer friction burns (I was wearing shorts and I got it because I’m fat and my thighs got minor friction burns) while sliding down with your kids. M was wearing long pants and he was fine throughout.
  2. Bring water bottles. Keep kids and yourself hydrated in between the jumps.
  3. Park in the SOUTH side carpark. This is the nearest parking area to the attraction which is located in the Sands Exhibition and Convention Hall.
  4. Discuss a game plan with your kids on the order of the attractions they want to visit especially if you are heading there with more than 1 child. This is so, they would get to play at every zone without missing out any!
  5. Set a meeting point if the child strays from you. No shame in not being able to keep up. I couldn’t keep up. 😂 Just let your kids know where is the meeting point should they get lost and agree to meet there. At least if you get tired of running (jumping) around with them, you can just head to the meeting point (sit down, have a drink) to wait for them.
Jumptopia : Holiday Village

Those who wish to purchase tickets can do so at Klook. Each ticket is for a two-hour play session at Jumptopia: Holiday Village at Marina Bay Sands. There are various timeslots to choose from. I recommend choosing the slot before dinner so you can head over to MBS for dinner after all that jumping!

The installation will be open to public from 19 Nov to 2 Jan 2021.

Couldn’t get any proper photos because this boy was literally jumping and running throughout 🤣