Into The World Of UV Sterilizing

The world of UV sterilizing!

The world of UV sterilizing!

2 years ago, electric steam sterilizers were all the rage and the best in the market (at least for me) was the avent electric 3in1. It was touted as the most convenient way to sterilise all our baby bottles, pacifiers and breast pump accessories given its spacious compartments and ability to sterilise with just a switch of the button, almost. You would still have to fill it with water (well, its a steam steriliser) before pressing that button. If you have used an electric steam sterilizer before, you will know that timing is everything. You need to schedule your sterilizing way ahead, factoring in the time you need for the items (and the electric sterilizer’s cover) to cool down, the time for the items to air dry after it has been steamed and to remember to take the items out of the sterilizer to transfer it to a drying rack for air-drying if you dont want to run the risk of mold growing on your baby accessories. Trust me, once i fell asleep waiting for the sterilizer to finish its cycle, fell asleep and woke up to find black spots on my NUK bottle teats. Also, i really hated having so many things on my table. Sterilizer, drying rack and an enclosed plastic box for the sterilized bottles and accessories.

Fast forward 2 years and now we are blessed with the UV sterilizers that would cancel out most of those problems i mention above and make sterilizing an even easier task.

– No more clutter on the table (kitchen or baby room) as the UV sterilizer also has a built in drying function and stands as a storage system for your bottles and accessories

– No more transferring of bottles after sterilizing for it to air-dry on a separate rack

– No more need for an extra storage box to keep the sterilized bottles and accessories

– No more worry of mold growing on our bottles and accessories since the UV sterilizers does not require water

– No longer needs me to wait for it to finish its sterilizing cycle to transfer the items to the drying rack in fear mold will grow since the auto function includes the drying in the cycle

– When our baby outgrows the UV sterilizer, we can use it for many other purposes around our home. Such as for our beauty tools, toothbrushes or even kitchen utensils and cutlery! Unlike the steam sterilizers which will no longer be useful once our baby outgrows the need to have their bottles sterilized.

– No need to regularly use lemon water to descale the deposits that accumulates within electric steam sterilizer machines and around its heating coil. Simply use slightly damp cloth to wipe trays and internal surface areas of sterilizer cabinet, whenever necessary.

Im sure the reasons above are good enough to convince you that a UV sterilizer is what you need in your home for all your sterilizing needs.

Right now in Singapore, there are 3 UV sterilizers in the market.

Hanil – Korean Brand

Hanil - $399

Hanil – $399

Cost: $399 (retail price with no discount), $369 (discounted price)

1 Year Local Doorstep Warranty

Energy Consumption 50Watts

Size: 270x316x395(mm)

Free Shipping!

Selling Points

– Low energy consumption = low ultility bill

– Completely silent = No noise

– Sleek and well designed

– Able to fit 3 sets of medela breast pump accessories and 12 bottles

– Bottles and accessories dried in 1 auto cycle

Unique to HANIL – 3M HEPA filter blocks away air-borne dust & particles!

Replacement parts cost:

3M Hepa Filter = $28

IR bulb = $28

UV bulb = $18

* The standard recommendation is to change all the parts (filter and bulbs) once a year, however, the filter can be removed and dusted so if well maintained and clean regularly, you can choose not to change it.

Hanil UV Sterilizer is 100% designed, made and assembled in Korea by manufacturer, not OEM!

OEM means the product is outsourced manufacturing, not manufactured in-house! (e.g an OEM product could be manufactured and assembled in china and didnt go through vigorous safety standard testing)

HANIL Electric Co. Ltd – Leading company in Korea with 50 YRS OF HISTORY!

As certified by US FDA, Japan JFRL, Korea KCL.

You can purchase your Hanil UV Sterilizer from: <– Authorized Local Distributor

1010 Mother & Child Store

Takashimaya Baby Department Pop Up Store (seasonal)

Chickabiddy – Taiwanese Brand

Chickabiddy - $349

Chickabiddy – $349

Cost: $349 (retail price with no discount), $309 (discounted price)

1 Year Local Warranty

Energy Consumption 95Watts

Size: 250x300x400(mm)

Free Shipping!

Selling Points

– Spacious unit

– Less costly compared to the other 2 UV sterilizers in the market

– Bottles and accessories dries in 1 auto cycle

– Able to fit 3 sets of medela breast pump accessories and 10 bottles.

– UV tubes usage of 8000 hours

Replacement parts costs:

UV bulb = $10

* You only need to replace the UV bulb every 3-5 years! (3 years if you use it very very frequently)

Chickabiddy (Qi Ge) is the most established brand in Taiwan with 40 years of history! They are actually partnered with Mothercare Taiwan and a trusted brand for parents.

You can purchase your Chickabiddy UV Sterilizer from:

Purezza Pte Ltd <– Authorized Local Distributor

OR at 8 participating Kiddy Palace Outlets 😀

Haenim – Korean Brand

Haenim - $359

Haenim 2015 version – $359

Cost: $359 (retail price with no discount)

(The seller offers a 10% discount if you pay by cash and carry the UV Sterilizer home from their warehouse yourself, which actually means no discount if you think about it :/)

1 Year Local Warranty

Energy Consumption 80Watts

Size: 310x360x420(mm)

$15 Shipping

Selling Points

 – Comes in many colours

Honestly, I think out of the 3 UV Sterilizers in the market, the Haenim is the least functional one. It has no unique selling point since whatever functions the Haenim UV sterilizer has, the other 2 sterilizers have as well. Not only that, the dimensions of this unit on paper is bigger than its rival brands BUT i was unable to fit as many bottles or breast pump accessories in the Haenim. Another thing to note was that my bottles and accessories didnt completely dry in 1 auto cycle. ):

Replacement parts cost:

UV bulb = $28

* UV bulb has to be replaced every year.

I tried to google for more information on the Haenim UV Sterilizer and it’s company but couldnt really find anything concrete to give me confidence in the product and its company. Compared to the other 2 UV Stirilizers with strong company history and background, this Haenim UV Sterilizer has little to no information or background history. :/

Maybe its just me but i much prefer to buy such an important baby product from a more trustworthy brand name and company with a strong history and background. Ultimately it is still your choice but know that if you purchase a sterilizer that is not really doing its job, you may be putting your baby at risk.

You can purchase your Haenim UV Sterilizer from:

BUT i really wouldnt recommend it.

I hope this guide into UV Sterilizers helped you understand the products more and aids you in choosing the right product at your next buy!

Happy Sterilizing! Buy from a trusted source and a trusted brand now!