Which Electric Pump To Buy?

photo just for illustration purpose

photo just for illustration purpose

Sooooo both the babies are asleep now and judging by the fidgety milk monster’s sleep grunt noises, i have about 20mins to get this post published for you guys. A few posts back, i did a simple electric breast pump challenge and i promised to do a separate post on the cost of each pump and maybe we can figure out together which pump would be best suitable for you and also which would be the most value for money. After giving it some thought last night (yes, it was yet another sleepless night for me), i guess there are 3 pumps in the market right now that i feel is value for money and all 3 suits different pumper’s needs.

First, lets list out the 6 Electric Breast Pumps i used in my last challenge:

1) Medela Freestyle

2) Spectra S1

3) Pigeon Breast Pump Pro

4) Avent Double Comfort Electric

5) Tollyjoy Double Electric

6) Medela PISA <– i will not be including the Medela PISA into this list because we already have a Medela Freestyle lined up.


Medela Freestyle - $799

Medela Freestyle – $799 (local set with warranty)

Medela Freestyle

Cost: $799 (without any discount), $759 (priced at baby fairs and comes with some freebies)

Efficiency: 10/10

Suitable for: Mother’s with toddlers, Working mothers, Active mothers, Exclusive pumping mothers

Unsuitable For: Mothers with tight budget

The Medela Freestyle is one of the best electric pump there is in the market. It is extremely efficient and easy to use and put together. Although it priced higher than all the other pumps, this double electric delivers what it promises with all the perks you could imagine a breast pump of our current time could have. The best thing about this pump is that it weighs a mere 400g which makes it the perfect pump for mothers on the go to anywhere. I can clip the pump to my pants and run around after Charles while pumping. Working mothers need not worry about lugging around a bulky pump since the medela freestyle is the size of your palm (or smaller if you have bigger hands than me)! This pump is worth the price and i would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to breastfeed long term. Also, if you actually think about it, the medela set includes the cooler bag, ice block and a carrier bag to bring your pump around. So technically, you are really not paying that much higher if you include buying these things with your other electric pumps. If you are on a tight budget, you could also look into getting a second hand freestyle (just the motor) and it will still be good to go. Just make sure to get from a reliable source/person.

You can purchase the Medela Freestyle from:

www.mumsandbabes.com.sg <– they are the official distributor of Medela in Singapore

Spectra S1 - $473

Spectra S1 – $473

Spectra S1

Cost: $473.75 (without discount), $379 (at baby fairs or deals online), $216.40 (amazon excl.shipping)

Efficiency: 7/10

Suitable for: Stay at home mothers, Exclusive pumping mothers

Unsuitable for: Mothers who need mobility, Working mothers

The Spectra S1 is said to be a hospital grade but according to my challenge, it still lost in efficiency when compared against the medela freestyle. Of all the spectra range, this is the only model worth mentioning. It is considered bulky and will not be ideal for working mothers. The good thing about this pump is that you can buy adaptors to fit your medela parts to the motor of the spectra since many users found that the spectra parts (flanges etc) are uncomfortable. This is a good choice if you dont have the budget for the medela. Im not too sure if there is a local distributor for this pump but a trusted site to purchase the Spectra S1 is from MaMaWarehouse.

You can purchase the Spectra S1 from:

http://www.mamawarehouse.com <– Trusted Seller

Pigeon Breast Pump Pro - $279

Pigeon Breast Pump Pro – $279

Pigeon Breast Pump Pro

Cost: $279 (without discount), $279 with freebies worth about $100 (at baby fairs)

Efficiency: 7/10

Suitable for: Stay at home mothers, Working mothers, Mothers with slow let downs, Easy bruising nipples, Mothers on budget

Unsuitable for: Exclusive pumping mothers

The Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro is a great pump! The only 2 things i would love to see in future pigeon electric pumps is a DOUBLE pump and a built in battery so we wont have to keep buying AA batteries if i want to use it wirelessly around the house. The pump is almost silent (all you hear is a soothing buzz which is very soft! almost inaudible) and the design of the motor unit is very nice. Its very easy to use and i really like that the Comfort Properfit Flanges feels really comfortable and as you all know, my left nipple has suffered tons of gum biting from the milk monster so its really sore recently. I pump my left breast with this pump because it hurts alot less than when i pump it with the medela (i really dont know why). So i would recommend this pump to mothers who frequently suffer from very sore nipples for whatever reasons and i believe this to be a very value for money pump! Further more, you can buy it directly from Pigeon!

You can purchase the Pigeon Electric Breast Pump Pro from:

All major departmental stores, baby specialty stores & supermarkets.

Avent Double Comfort Electric Pump - $779

Avent Double Comfort Electric Pump – $779

Avent Double Comfort Electric Pump

Cost: $779 (without discounts), $369.90 (at Baby Fairs or Online Deals)

Efficiency: 2/10

Suitable for: Stay at home mothers

Unsuitable for: Working mothers, Exclusive pumping mothers, Mothers who needs to be mobile, Mothers on a budget, Mothers with a baby sensitive to noise

The Avent Double Comfort Electric is not as awesome as alot of other products from this famous brand (baby food steamer, steam steriliser etc). This pump has a really loud motor so its not suitable if you have a baby who is sensitive to noise. Apart from the noisy motor, the pump was not efficient in getting my milk out of my breast. I was not impressed with the functions. Surprisingly, this was a very highly recommended electric breast pump a few years back and had very good reviews as well. I think its the new batch of Avent Electric Pumps that started to have bad reviews from mothers all over. I have a few friends who shared the same experience as me and the avent pumps eventually just ends up in the storage. I do hope Avent looks into this and hopefully find out what is wrong with their recent batches of electric pumps.

You can purchase the Avent Double Comfort Electric Pump from:




Tollyjoy Double Electric Pump - $169.90

Tollyjoy Double Electric Pump – $169.90

Tollyjoy Double Electric Breast Pump

Cost: $169.90 (without discount), $169.90 with freebies (at Baby Fairs)

Efficiency: 1/10

Suitable for: I wont recommend this pump to anyone.

Unsuitable for: ME, Most likely you too! :/

I really wanted to like this pump, because its a local brand and there are so many products from Tollyjoy that i love or used when i was young (powder puff, breast milk storage bag etc). However, this pump really didnt work out for me. I sat there for 20mins and all i got was nipple soreness and about 20ml of breast milk (my average output is 150-200ml). That being said, maybe it will work for you. If you are on a low budget, i wouldnt actually recommend you buy this even though its the cheapest electric pump out of all the ones in my list. The reason is because you might have to end up buying another pump which would mean you double spending. My advise to mummies on a low or tight budget to ask around (your friends etc) and see if you have friends willing to let you try out their pumps first before you venture out to invest in one.

You can purchase the Tollyjoy Double Electric Breast Pump from:



I hope this helps you guys when picking out breast pump most suitable for you. 😀