Keepsake By Ryo


If you are a breastfeeding mother, you may have already been poisoned by the recent Breast Milk Keepsakes craze. I know I am and I can’t stop making more keepsakes in hopes that Big C and Little M will someday, propose to their future wives with a ring that has my expired breast milk instead of a useless diamond. LOL.

There are quite a few Breast Milk Keepsake Crafters both locally and overseas. You can either choose to order them from a thousand miles away and wait 1 year or trust local crafters who might just be equally good! There are so many things you can customise. From european beads, charms, pendants, rings and even keychains. All these keepsakes are made with our own breast milk, that precious liquid gold that is the staple of our little babies for the first year of their lives! You can even include baby’s first curl, dried umbilical cord etc..

Anyway, a few months back, there was an advertisement put up by Keepsakes By Ryo, a crafter that claims they have partnered/collaborated with big names such as Tiffany’s & Co and Pandora and I was pretty excited about it! <- Ya, I thought it was true! Turns out, it was a LIE. Some of the mummies emailed Tiffany’s & Co. and got a confirmation that this advertisement was false. So ya…I guess sometimes when business is lousy, you need to lie and use tactics to try to fish in more customers right?


And now, it would seem that Ryo’s (or her husband) bad attitude and workmanship is finally catching up with her. Her APRIL SPREE keepsakes turned out shitty and alot of angry mothers are upset (rightfully so)! The pieces are not done properly, have sharp edges and even hair sticking out! Isn’t that terrible? What makes it worse is that after receiving feedback on her lousy handiwork (which she is being paid a premium price for), she decides that these upset mummies have to pay for shipping the defected items back and she will “try” to recast the items but does not “promise” that it will look like what was discussed and agreed upon initially. Errrr…. So, why am i paying you to trial and error on my breast milk? If you are not confident of making my order, please just refund me my money, right?


To add to that lousy quality of work, Keepsakes By Ryo also has bad attitude and lousy customer service recovery. Her response to a mummy asking for her breast milk back and also, since Ryo refuses to pay for the shipping back, the mummy has requested to keep the defected keepsakes. Afterall, it is HER breast milk that you screwed up, so what is the problem?

Well, Ryo (or her husband) calls the mummies who are unhappy with defected products, terrorists.


How can you call the mummy names? And also, if you are going to write a whole FB post on how any mummy who is unhappy with your lousy crafting that is priced at a premium level, can you please stop using the word “abuse, abuse abuse..”? Who is abusing you? You mean, if I am paying you for something and you fucked it up, I cant complain and give you my honest feedback plus leave you a bad review? THAT IS WHAT REVIEWS ARE FOR..!

Oh wait, I see you have gotten an outstanding review from your fellow Pinocchio, Audrey Wong!


I guess birds of a feather flock together?

Would you trust such a vendor to make keepsakes out of your precious breast milk?

I won’t.

It is not because she is a bad crafter, because skills can be improved over time if you take in the honest feedback and criticism of your customers. It is because you have a horrible attitude and you lie. There was never a partnership or any sort of collaboration between you and Tiffany’s or Pandora, and your attitude is disgusting.

By the way, Ryo has disabled REVIEWS and PMs for their FACEBOOK PAGE as they couldnt handle all that negative reviews coming their way. THAT is how they handle things.

Our breast milk is precious, if you f-ed it up, you jolly well apologise and REMAKE it at YOUR cost!