Eternally Yours Vintage Collection by Tokens Of Eternity


After a 2 month wait, I finally received my 2nd keepsake order from local crafter Tokens Of Eternity. The designs came from the crafter herself, I just told her I would like to have something in pink tones that is both pastel-ish and a hint of flowers. The end result is just breath taking. Thank you, Melody! 😀 And also, I have been given the honour to launch this special collection for them!


Eternally Yours Vintage Collection by Tokens Of Eternity


These super pretty studded earrings are to die for!

The breast milk pearl complimented with a beautiful globe of flowers, crystals and mini pearls. Each pair costs $88!


This is a beautiful glass globe filled with my milk and very dainty pink flowers! I like the combination of how the milk and flowers mixed looks like a pastel-ish vintage mess inside. Much akin to breastfeeding, which can give us mixed feelings at times. There days where I feel so frustrated yet when I look at the little cheeks moving while suckling, I just feel a sense of calm and peacefulness.

TOE6These beads are all different designs and for the launch of this collection, the Eternally Yours Vintage Collection charm bead will be going at a very special price of $88/bead! The other charm bead designs you see in this picture are the Rainbow Dust (second from top),  Inside My Heart (third from top), Pure Flower (first from bottom, Full breast milk with flower).


I am already thinking up my next keepsake collection! Haha! Yes, i am definitely an addict.


This post is just full of pictures! 😀


This is really beautiful! I think it suits delicate wrists so if you have fat hands, please dont go for this design! LOL! This is $68!

I hope this collection was as pleasing to your eyes as it was to mine. If you are interested to get quality keepsakes done, do check out Tokens Of Eternity or head over to their facebook page and see what other collections they have! 😀

Check out my FB page for a very awesome giveaway! Hint: Its whatever im talking about in this post!

Till my next keepsake purchase, byeeeeeee!