Medela Freestyle, Worth The Money?

Medela Freestyle Breastpump

Medela Freestyle Breastpump ($799.00SGD inclusive of GST)

When I first learnt that I was pregnant with Charles, I knew I was going to breastfeed. I was even doubly sure of that when i was in my 7th month of pregnancy as by then, I have done enough research to know that it was the best gift I could offer my miracle baby (i suffered 4 miscarriages before Charles. Thus, the term miracle baby). For a good part of my 1st and 2nd trimester, i was in Toronto (Canada). I only made the move back to Singapore in my last trimester of pregnancy. After living away from Singapore for 5 years, it was difficult trying to settle in while figuring out all the things i need to prepare for my coming baby. Thankfully, I had a really close girlfriend who took the trouble (she was also pregnant and about to give birth!) to get ALL the stuff i would need and delivered them right to my house. And one of the items she got for me was the Medela PISA. I have heard of the Medela brand back in Toronto but never really checked them out till i was in Singapore. My Medela PISA was my favourite item during my breastfeeding days. It was efficient, it was easy to use and it was helping me battle my low supply in the beginnings. However, the motor unit itself was quite bulky and fragile looking (although it never once broke down on me) and when im out, i always had to lug the whole motor around (very carefully because im always so afraid it will spoil). I also needed to always have an adapter for the plus as the set i have was an export set that was ordered online. It does come with the battery operated option but i felt that it was eating the batteries way tooooo fast. 8 double A batteries (brand : Energizer) will be drained by my 6th pump. ): So thats not very cost effective for me. Better to bring my adapter out and find plug outlets (which can be a challenge) to do my pumping.

So can you imagine how excited i am to be given the Medela Freestyle for my second breastfeeding journey?

Thank you Mums & Babes!! 😀

So, I was really excited to try out the Medela Freestyle Pump, which, if you plan to pump several times a day and can afford the suggested retail price of $799 (you can get it from Mums & Babes which is Medela’s local distributor), is worth every penny. Lightweight, portable, hands-free, and efficient–I’m not sure a mother could want more from a breastpump.

If you are already a mom, the benefits of having a hands-free pump will be obvious.  For the first time mothers, try holding a cup to one breast, while typing with one hand and balancing something breakable (like a glass) on your arm and you’ll get an idea of the challenges of pumping without the hands-free option.  For breastfeeding moms who plan to head back to work, this technology is quite simply indispensable. AND the battery is rechargeable in the Freestyle which means i wont need to spend money buying batteries like i had to previously.

Its smaller than my hand!!

Its smaller than my hand!!

The Freestyle weighs only 400g and you can attach it to a belt for mobile pumping.  Personally, I prefer to sit while pumping, but as the mother of a toddler, I can see the advantage of this feature.

Once you have the pump on, the Freestyle is one of the most efficient pumps on the market.  There are two phases: stimulation and expression.  The pump will stimulate the breast for two minutes or until you press the let-down button.  Then, it will switch to expression for faster milk collection.  If you tend to pump at the same time each day,  you can program the vacuum comfort level and the timing of the stimulation phase.

Even after a long day of frequent breastfeeding, I was still able to collect milk thanks to this efficient breastpump. If you are breastfeeding, I recommend splurging on the best breastpump you can reasonably afford.  You will be more likely to use an efficient and comfortable breastpump and therefore more likely to continue breastfeeding if you use a pump thats efficient and easy.

This is my yield on the 8th day. 18 mins (including the 2 minute let down phase) with an output of 140ml! 😀 This is only the right breast, i latch my son on one breast and pump the other. I will alternate him on the boobs and just pump the one he didnt latch on.

18mins = 140ml (right breast)

18mins = 140ml (right breast)

All of Medela’s models and accessories are BPA-free and Phthalate-free, so no worries there.

Medela Freestyle Pump FULL SET

Medela Freestyle Pump FULL SET

This is what the Medela Freestyle Pump set consists of:

1 Freestyle motor unit
2× PersonalFit breastshield 24 mm
2× Connector
1 Tubing set
4× Breastmilk bottle
2× Multi-Lid
4× Lid, Disc, Cap
2× Bottle stand
Main adapter
Rechargeable battery
Cooling bag + Ice Block
Carrying bag
Calma – feeding device

 The only improvement to the Freestyle I can dream up would be a self cleaning function so i never have to wash and sterilize my pump parts after use (more sleeeeep for me).  In the meantime, I still feel like a cow on a dairy farm, but at least I’m an efficient one– how many milk producing cows do you know who can type while lactating? LOL.

You can purchase your Medela Freestyle from Mums & Babes.


visit any of their 2 outlets located at:

United Square Outlet

101 Thomson Rd, #02-28 United Square, S307591 
Tel: 6252 7898 Operating hours : 11:00am – 9.00pm Sat and Sun 11.00am – 9.00pm

Secom Centre Outlet

81 Toh Guan Rd East  #03-01 Secom Centre S608606 
Tel: 6569 0329 Operating Hours: 9.00am-8.00pm Closed on Sunday


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Goodluck everyone and have an awesome pumping journey!