Milk Monster Turns ONE!

Happy Birthday SG50 August Babies!
3 weeks ago, we had a smashing superhero themed party celebrating the milk monster’s big 1. Him along with 16 other August SG50 babies that might very well end up being his school mates when they start primary school.
Once again, I planned the party and set out to find the people who will bring my party to life!
Venue was a no brainer because I host the party at the same place every year. My parent’s condo’s function halls. I book both halls so that I can have a seperate area for the babies and kids plus their entertainment and the other room where their parents can go have a drink and forget for a few hours that they are responsible parents. Just kidding!
This year, we decided against the bounce castle as there were going to be so many babies! And since it is after all a 1 year old party, the set up for the playroom should cater to the 1 year olds. Right?
The party was a smashing success (at least I would like to think so) and alot of my guests praised the various services that I engaged! Let’s start with my review on the vendors who participated to make Little M’s party a superhero gathering that rocked his world!
Company: Ardmore Park
Serviced by: Admin Staff
Rate: FREE
Service rating: 10/10
Contact: Not Available
Facebook: Not Available
Once again, I am going repeat this. Singapore is HOT so please plan all baby/children related parties indoor. Preferably with air-conditioning because uncomfortable babies are fussy and fussy babies are hard to deal with. Make your life easier (also the lives of all the parents you are inviting) by making sure the party is as comfortable as possible! Comfortable babies are happy babies! Happy babies = relaxed parents.
Company: Preset Media
Serviced by: Simran Randhawa
Rate: $500 and up (I took a package)
Service rating: 7/10
Contact: 90086701 (Ayesha)
When you put in so much effort to plan a memorable party, you definitely want to remember it. Not just in your mind but captured down images that you can flip through and show your children next time when they accuse you of not putting in effort for their birthdays! LOL. But seriously, don’t cheap out on the photographer! This year, I engaged Preset Media and they assigned Simran to my party. The arrangements were made via Ayesha who was very quick to respond and very decisive as well. I just told her what i needed the service for and what my event will be like. She made a recommendation and we were set to go. A 50% deposit is transferred to her to secure the booking. On the day of the event, Simran (the assigned photographer) was on time, which I am quite anal about and I also appreciate that she takes instructions well. She is however, pretty quiet so I didn’t get to talk to her much. Pictures were sent to me around 2 weeks after the party and I would say that I do love the way she has captured the party! The colours, the joy, the babies, the love. It’s all in there. Pictures speak a thousand words and I hope these images will tell little M in future how much everyone loves him! I gave them a 7 out of 10 rating because I realised that Simran didnt manage to capture most of my adult guests that were attending the party. She concentrated only on the 1 room which was the kids room so alot of my guests are missing from the images. ):
Birthday Cake
Company: Abite SG
Serviced by: Hilary
Rate: $1200^
Service rating: 10/10
I already reviewed them last year but I just have to say that Hilary from Abite NEVER fails. They bake the most gorgeous cakes and make everything from scratch! This year I ordered a 4 tier superhero themed cake and I specified that I want the superheroes to be baby-fied. All it took was 5 mins with Hilary via whatsapp and my cake order was done. I was excited to see how the cake will turn out and it turned out smashing! Not only does the cake look awesome as hell, it tasted sp good! Like heaven with the top tier with the beautiful rainbow inside! All my guest were super wowed by the cake. Never worry about your cake when you engage Abite SG.
Dessert Table 
Company: Onederful Party Haus
Serviced by: Eni Yang
Rate: $1588 and up!
Service rating: 10/10
Contact: 85113366
This year, I decided on 1 dessert table and actually lowered my expectations a little. Because you know, last year, I had Abite SG do my dessert table and it was really an out of this world Elmo Theme that I just thought nobody could possibly beat. BUT this year’s team has managed to match the dessert table last year with their super crazy attention to detail and insane superhero theme set up that just blew my mind! The macaroons were just so so cute and detailed coupled with all the other snacks and bakes with their intricate customised labels and wrappings! Not only did the dessert table look on point, the bakes and treats were chosen well and complimented each other! The colours were coordinated and I must say, she did very well on the colour play with my theme! Even the accompanying deco for the table were well thought out and super detailed! She made a signage like the front page of the newspaper reporting “breaking news” with a headliner that stars Little M as a flying super boy (I super love that)! And all the capes, masks and stuff toys that were strategically placed to decorate a seperate table for the goodie bags. Eni even went the extra mile and created a PHOTO FRAME for my guests to take fun photos with! Highly recommend Eni’s services because she believes in quality and top notch presentation! Plus she is really super creative. 🙂
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The dessert table just looked too beautiful to be eaten!
Company: Neo Garden
Serviced by: Rose
Rate: $3000
Service rating: 6/10
This year’s food was a little disappointing. I think the dishes was so-so except for their curry chicken which was still yummy as ever. The reason why I gave it a low rating is because the food portion was not enough. I catered for 100 pax and even added on extra portion of curry chicken but still it was not enough food. Also the people delivered earlier than the agreed timing which didn’t work out well for me because there is a time limit on how long the food can be out there for. Overall, not impressed by their food portion and hope that they improve on timing.
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Balloon Decor
Company: Balloon Ranger + The Balloon Thing
Serviced by: Leyeon & Jy Norvin
Rate: $350 and up!
Service rating: 9/10
Contact: Leyeon (91546135) & Jy (91277332)
Before I even say anything, LOOK at this super nice balloon columns! These 2 balloon decor guys are friends and they always collaborate! These guys came super early (even earlier than me) and got to work on the columns right away. By the time I arrived to coordinate the setup of everything else, they were already almost done with the 4 big columns! After, they even helped me with other balloons which I brought myself to inflate with helium! Their attitude is great and are very friendly. I specially requested for a superman balloon for Big C and he actually made it extra! So sweet of him right? The colours are very complimenting and the columns matches my dessert table and presents table! I would definitely recommend them to everyone for parties!
Indoor Playground Set-up
Company: Boardesigns
Serviced by: Eddy
Rate: $580 and up^
Service rating: 9/10
Contact: 96932378
If you are planning a kids party (or baby party), you need to check this company out! I took a plunge with this concept for my party and totally fell in love with it! It is an indoor Playground set up with sturdy cardboard that promotes creativity and brings out the picasso in our little ones and their invited guests! A playground that doubles up as a canvas on which little ones and their friends can have hours and hours of fun on! You can either rent or buy the playground from Boardesigns! However if you rent it, the little ones cannot draw or paint on it! What i love most about this concept is the idea that I can still use the slides and house long after the party has ended! It is SO EASY to put together and requires no drilling or hammering or anything. Just the pieces of sturdy cardboards that transforms from a compact flat stack of odd shapes into various fun structures! They have many many many structures that you can choose to suit your theme. And Eddy is always open to hear your ideas and together you can come up with a great set up! HIGHLY recommend this as a party feature if you have little babies because all the structures are very safe and seems to be made for dwarfs, which is perfect for our little curious adventurers!
Captain America sliding down the path of JUSTICE!
Who lives in this house?
If anyone reading this is organising a Super Mario themed party, YOU NEED TO GIVE THIS SET UP A SHOT!!! Look at all the cute mushroom which doubles up as a really sturdy stool!
Hmmmm…what is this cute mushroom doing here?
The team from Boardesigns setting up! This bunch of people also doubled up as nannies during the party! HAHAHAHA and they were actually really really good with the kids!
Everyone loves a slide!
Reminds me of a little garden!
Guests having fun unleashing their inner artists at the playground!
Crayons, Markers & Paint! Create what your little minds are thinking!
Party Entertainment
Company: Pixel Party
Serviced by: Jayden
Rate: $150 and up!
Service rating: 8/10
Contact: 91472426
What is a party without some awesome party Entertainment right? This year’s entertainment team was from Pixel Party! They provided Face Painting,  Balloon Sculpting and an intriguing Magic Show that wowed all the little superheroes at Little M’s birthday party! The magician was really good at engaging the kids and captivated all their attention with his funny and charismatic antics coupled with many awesome magic tricks! After the magic show, the balloon Sculpting saw ALL THE kids waiting in line for all kinds of awesome balloon sculptures!! Intricately detailed guns and butterflies, I even saw a very beautiful captain America shield! The overall planning and booking process was hassle free and very very easy! My contact point was their FB page and they replied promptly and very efficiently. The team arrived on time and were very independent and friendly! Would definitely recommend them and will engage them again!
Look at all the attentive faces! If only school teachers could grasp such attention from our young minds. HAHAHA!
All the kids Q-ing up for their very own balloon sculpture!
A super happy boy with his mega-blaster!
A fluttering butterfly for the sweetest little girl!
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Game Prizes
Company: Chiica Gift Shop
Serviced by: Xinru
Rate: $150 and up!
Service rating: 8/10
Contact: 94521978
We had some party games and best dressed contest since the party had a theme! So the prizes, which were super nice hampers were from Chiica Gift Shop! 😀 Xinru was super easy to work with and the hampers turned out really well. What do i mean when i say the hampers turn out well? I requested for specific themed hampers and that is exactly what she came up with! The items were all of great quality and i really love the variations she picked! Nice presentation too!


Me and all the other parents LOVE LOVE LOVE my baby corner set up! I had the super awesome and fun Lucky Baby Playmats laid out nicely and barricaded the baby corner with Haenim 6-Panel Playard. The end result was a super safe and awesome area just for the little ones. I will let the pictures do the talking! I especially love the Lucky Baby Playmats because they were really easy to clean and also super easy to transport. Each mat came with a secure tie that holds it in place so it wont unroll itself when i was transporting it. The mat also was colourful fun and interactive so the little ones loved pointing out the various animals and things that were on it!


Before the guests came…


Spiderman was ready to party!


The brothers are ready for the party!


Chilling safely on the Lucky Baby playmats!


A safe heaven for the little superheroes!


Captain America at war with…..balloons! LOL!


I ordered my goodie bag (the actual bag) online and filled it with nice things that were very very kindly sponsored by some of my favourite brands! I have always felt that goodie bags at kids parties should never be made up of food. Especially those junk snacks and sweets. It is not something I find practical because if my kids receive junk food in the goodie bags, it usually ends up in the trash (or my fridge if i forget about it). What are practical things for kids?

Wipes -> Natural Organics


Diapers -> Natural Organics


A nice toy -> Keychain Plushie


Sunglasses -> J-Flex

60-192-thickbox J-Flex-0656727170986-1 J-Flex-0656727170986-4

YES! It is important to protect their eyes as sometimes, UV rays from the sun can be really strong.


Do check out my website for reviews on the products that were in my good bags in the coming 2 weeks! 😀

Thank you so much for reading my party post and I want to thank ALL my guests and sponsors for making this a beautiful and successful event!

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Happy ONE to the little milk monster and I hope next year will be even BETTTER!