MLBB Diaper Challenge Part 2

MLBB Diaper Challenge PART 2 MAIN

This is the long awaited MLBB Diaper Challenge PART 2! If you have not read PART 1, it is here!

A little bit on how the diapers were tested. It is not your lame pour liquid on the diaper and just see how fast it absorbs the moisture. I wanted to know what it felt like wearing the diapers and how comfortable (or uncomfortable) it is! Since babies cant talk coherently and form full sentences, I will just have to sacrifice my delicate adult butt and test out these diapers for you! (I know, im such a great mother, LOL.)

 How the challenge works:

 I put the diapers through a little experiment to test the absorbency, the comfort level and how much wear and tear can each diaper take before the insides tear. Each diaper was worn by me like a huge sanitary pad taped at the sides ( cause im an adult and im not very skinny) for 6 hours in total (3hrs dry, 3hrs wet with water).


Results On:

Cost of the diaper broken down to price per piece!

How much water can the diaper hold before it started to leak

How soft the diaper feels

How breathable the diaper is

Diaper Brands Involved:

(as usual, all diapers used in the challenge is size M)

Moony Air Fit Tape

Mamypoko Baby Mickey Tape

Pampers Tape

Goo.n Tape

Huggies Ultra Tape

Happy Blossom Tape

Beffy’s Tape

KCA Tape

Drypers Drytouch


The Results.


Moony Air Fit Tape

Cost: $75/carton, $25/pack, $0.30/piece

Absorbed 3 cups of water before starting to show signs of leaking.

The Moony Air Fit tape diaper is very soft, airy and absorbs moisture well. I was able to keep the diaper on for the whole 6hrs without much discomfort except for the obvious fact that I felt like I was wearing an extra large maternity pad. It was able to take quite a bit of wear tear as I went about my usual activities (inside my home of course! Im crazy but not crazy enough to wear a diaper out in public.). This diaper brand is actually from the same company as Mamypoko! Moony is their more premium brand and it sure does feel comfortable! Will definitely recommend this to all parents, especially those who have babies with sensitive butts.


Mamypoko Baby Mickey Tape

Cost: $52/carton, $17.30/pack, $0.27/piece

Absorbed 2 cups of water before starting to show signs of leaking

Soft inside, a little scratchy on the sides where the tape is. Dry inside but felt a little stuffy. Broke when i moved too vigorously and the inside tore. The jelly like substance oozed out a little but no rashes at all. Absorbs water well. Overall a comfortable diaper.


 Pampers Baby Dry Tape

Cost: $66/carton, $22/pack, $0.27/piece

Absorbed 2.5 cups of water before starting to show signs leaking.

I have always been a fan of the Pampers Baby Dry tape diapers and this diaper was also in the last challenge (it fared really well too!). However in this round, I was rather disappointed that the quality of the diaper has fallen. Its still the lightest, thinnest diaper in the market though! The diaper tore after the 2nd hour of the wet wearing (wearing the diaper when its filled with water) so I had to remove it. The tape is however still the softest and most comfortable out of all the other diapers! Overall, still a diaper worth trying!


 Goo.n Tape

Cost: $68/carton, $22.60/pack, $0.30/piece

Absorbed 1.5 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

The Goo.n tape diapers are not very good at controlling the moisture but if you change your diapers often, this diaper is pretty comfy. Its soft and airy, not stuffy. The cutting however is on the bigger side so maybe buy a size down if you have a petite baby. I managed to wear it for the whole 6 hours but in the last hour, the diaper when filled with water was starting to tear.


 Huggies Ultra Tape

Cost: $58/carton, $19.30/pack, $0.30/piece

Absorbed 2 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

When dry, this diaper feels pretty okay. But when its wet, it feels pretty stuffy. The tape is on the scratchy side but its not super uncomfortable. Overall, nothing special about this diaper. For 30 cents a piece, I would much rather invest in a diaper that has obvious better qualities.

Happy Blossom

 Happy Blossom Tape

Cost: $92/carton, $-/pack, $0.46/piece

Absorbed 1 cups of water before showing signs of leaking

This diaper is totally not absorbent, I only managed to pour 1 cup of water in the diaper and it took like 30 seconds for the water to be absorbed and even after that, droplets of water would escape the pores of the diaper whenever I sat on it. ): I only managed to keep this diaper on for 2 hours when dry and 30 mins when wet because it was really uncomfortable. The diaper was really stuffy and unbreathable! I actually had some heat rash on my right butt cheek from wearing it! Not only is this diaper not good, its also so expensive! At $0.46 a piece, I would expect this to be a much better product. Huge fail, total waste of money. Would not recommend this to anyone!


 Beffy’s Tape

Cost: $-/carton, $17.95/pack, $0.42/piece

Absorbed 2 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

Beffy’s diaper are actually very new in Singapore. It is said to be from korea although none of my Korean friends have heard of this brand. That aside, the diaper felt soft (comparable to Moony Air Fit) and comfortable. It was not stuffy and I like that the cutting of the diaper is very big! I managed to keep the diaper on for the whole 6 hours. I think its rather pricey for a diaper but if Moony was unavailable, I would buy this one! The tape was also not very scratchy which was great if your baby has big thighs, like me, HAHAHA! *kidding


 KCA Tape

Cost: $63.80/carton, $15.95/pack, $0.23/piece

Absorbed 1.5 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

This diaper is really no frills and no good. It leaks and was super uncomfortable, stuffy and scratchy at the tape. I only managaed to wear this for 1 hour. ): I wont ever buy this diaper again.


 Drypers Drytouch

Cost: $-/carton, $21.50/pack, $0.33/piece

Absorbed 2 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

Drypers have improved! The diaper no longer feels like the scratchy rough kitchen towel that it used to be. The Drytouch are softer (comparable to popular Japanese diaper brands) and much more breathable. I was impressed by how fast the diaper absorbed the water I was pouring and how the diaper distributed the absorbed water rather evenly (cause I pour the water in 1 spot, mimicking baby’s real pee). Overall an awesome improvement! Although the price of drypers also went up, I believe that we are really paying for better quality in this case. 😀



Cost: $55/carton, $13.75/pack, $0.36/piece

Absorbed 1.5 cups of water before showing signs of leaking.

Honestly, its soft and comfortable but not as breathable as Moony or Pampers. Overall an okay diaper but if im going to pay 36 cents for a piece of diaper, I would want it to be of a much higher standard then just on par with other diapers which cost less.


How much water it can absorb before starting to leak.

Moony Air Fit – 3 cups of water

Pampers – 2.5 cups of water

Mamypoko – 2 cups of water

Goo.n – 1.5 cups of water

Huggies Ultra – 2 cups of water

Happy Blossom – 1 cup of water

Beffy’s – 2 cups of water

KCA – 1.5 cup of water

Drypers Drytouch – 2 cups of water

Merries – 1.5 cups of water


Hope this was good information for you mummies out wondering about diapers to buy or try.

I have broken down the cost of the diapers to price per piece so you mummies can better compare and decide because different brands package their diapers differently. For example, Moony could have 80 pieces of diapers in 1 pack while Huggies could have 64 pieces of diapers in 1 pack. Its much clearer if we go by price per piece right? 😀

Another thing to note is that all babies are different, so sometimes, even if the diaper suits 1 baby, it might not suit your baby. All about trial and error okay?

*Disclaimer: Pictures are purely for reference only. All diapers used in The Diaper Challenge were of the same size (M).

Adding this info because I received alot of PMs asking where I buy my diapers! <- I buy all my japanese brand diapers from them!

P.s there will be a PART 3 of this diaper challenge with Pull-Up Pants! Tell me what brands you would like to see in the MLBB Diaper Challenge Part 3 (The Pull-Ups Edition)!