Fiona Grier the Troll?

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Hi Fiona Grier,

What is wrong with me sharing with other fellow mothers something, in my opinion, is worth a share. A Lactation Workshop which I, myself have attended and benefited from. Just because you “think” it is money not well spent (although you have never attended one) doesn’t mean that everyone should feel the same as you.

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As a mother who struggled with her breastfeeding journey the first time around and is enjoying her second breastfeeding adventure with the second baby, I can tell you that it was the knowledge I have gained from this Lactation Workshop which has helped me.

You claim that mothers should just go online to the forums to find answers and directions. But how would they know which advice to heed and how to correctly diagnose their condition when problems arise? Shouldn’t these mothers learn from professional IBCLCs who will impart accurate knowledge instead? A forum can provide suggestions and share experiences but every mother’s journey is different and individually, faces different problems. Without proper knowledge, the mother might fail in her attempt to breastfeed and give up completely. Thus, depriving her little baby the ultimate gift of that precious liquid gold or even worse, cause post-natal depression because she was unable to successfully breastfeed.

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You seem to be very confident that all these mothers will be able to successfully breastfeed just by joining forums and reading up. What if you are wrong? What if you don’t know what kind of problems some of us are facing and need help. Proper profession help? And not when a problem arises because to me, that is too late! When breasts are already engorged, baby is already screaming and mummy is probably already very stressed out.

Why can’t mothers empower themselves with knowledge before the journey? And not just any knowledge but the right knowledge. If based on your theory, our children wouldn’t need to attend school anymore. Why should we, parents, spend tens of thousands each year to send them school for teachers to teach them when all they need to do, is google and join forums to learn?

I am pretty sure you still intend to send your kids to school right? So isn’t that such a waste of money? Cause if they still don’t have the knowledge after joining forums, you can just hire a tutor for an hour to solve their stupidity (im assuming they should already be very knowledgeable after joining the forums luh, you know, based on your warped theory…) right?

Im sharing, you can don’t read it if you don’t like it. Just scroll the fuck down or up. Im not forcing you to register either. Chill the fuck out luh.

And at the end of the day, to simply put it, what is your fucking problem?