My Favourite Liquid Cleanser :D

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser

Pigeon Liquid Cleanser

Im pretty sure everyone of you are familiar with this brand and this particular product! 😀 Its my favourite liquid cleanser for baby products, toys, bottles and accessories. Its food grade so it means that i wont have to worry if my Mikhail and Charles puts all these washed stuff into their mouth because i always worry about soap residue etc. Another thing i love about Pigeon’s liquid cleanser, you can buy the refill pack instead of buying the physical bottle over and over again. Just get the refills and transfer it into your existing empty Pigeon Liquid Cleanser bottle! Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeeeezy!

A leader in the baby care industry, Pigeon was awarded the Green Label certification by Singapore Environment Council (SEC) for its Liquid Cleanser Range. This award showcases PIGEON’s commitment to develop the safest product for our consumers & our environment. With the Singapore Green Label certification, PIGEON is given the seal of endorsement on its environmentally-friendly claims to prevent the abuse of green-washing. This provides an added factor into consideration for us parents.

What does the Green Label certification mean?

The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) was launched in May 1992 to endorse industrial consumer products that have less undesirable effects on our environment. Administered by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC), the SGLS is the region’s most established ecolabelling scheme with over 2,800 unique products certified across 25 countries.

SEC is a member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) consisting of 25 other member countries from various parts of the world. GEN allows for SGLS endorsed products to recognised and accepted by other member countries of the Eco-labelling network.

p.s (i always try to look out for promotions at Takashimaya, Isetan or at Baby Fairs and buy like 6 refill packs to stock up! note that Pigeon participates in the once a year Supermom Baby Fair in August! I always get good deals at that fair for many of the products i use and Pigeon is one of them!)


Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer

Pigeon Compact Steam Sterilizer

Pigeon is launching their new Compact Steam Sterilizer and i got to try it out (lucky me)! I really like it because its really really REALLLLLLY compact. Look how slim it is!

side view of the Compact Steam Sterilizer

side view of the Compact Steam Sterilizer

It is slim and will be really easy to pack into a suitcase for traveling (i wish i had this when i went to Bali last year with Charles) or when you have staycation! I was living in constant fear that Charles’s pacifier and my pump parts and bottles were not clean (im a crazy lady afriad of germs remember?) and he will get some kind of stomach infection or poisoning on the trip. I would have been alot more relaxed if i had this with me. Also, its pretty cool that its sort of customizable in terms of compartment. If you just need the sterilizer for pacifiers and 1 bottle, you can bring just this compartment along with you.

small and compact, fits pacifiers and 1 bottle

small and compact, fits pacifiers and 1 bottle

or you can also fix it up like this,

fits 2 bottles and some pump accessories

fits 2 bottles and some pump accessories

And it has an auto switch off function so you wont have to wait for it to finish to manually switch it off!

This new product will be available at the upcoming Supermom Baby Fair happening on the 28th of August! If you are looking for great deals, thats a fair you dont want to miss! 😀 (there will be a 20% discount off retail price!)

Other NEW Pigeon products that i love includes:

Baby Toothbrush

Baby Toothbrush

Charles loved his training toothbrushes and it has helped cultivate good oral hygiene. He always asks for his toothbrush to brush his teeth after a shower! Haha! Pigeon training toothbrushes are safe for our babies and its all BPA free! So no worries there! At the beginning, Charles had trouble brushing because he holds his toothbrush reallllly tight and at a a very awkward angle. It took quite sometime to teach him the right way to hold the toothbrush and even more time teaching him how to brush his own teeth. Charles is currently using the Pigeon triaining toothbrush lesson 4!

In a research conducted with babies of ages between 6 months to 24 months, PIGEON found that children

  • Had difficulty to adjust the strength of holding a brush and the strength needed when brushing their teeth
  • Tend to hold the brush too tight while brushing and use both hands to rotate the grip when changing a spot to brush.

To encourage the right brushing technique you need the right size, shape & texture of toothbrushes. Hence PIGEON offers babies the Best “size, shape, texture of bristles”.

  1. A more efficient bristle system needs for babies 18+ months & above *A Brand New Lesson 4 Step*
  2. Short bristles to make brushing easier
  3. Improved shape of the grip handle to accommodate a range of brush stroke patterns by children &  easily supports the thumb and index finger (especially for babies who tend to hold on the brush grip tightly)
  4. Increased head size of the toothbrush to make it easier for children to reach and brush the first molars.
  5. Ideal length and diameter for children to brush based on actual research measurements

Pigeon offers a huge range of training toothbrushes that caters to your growing child.





Lesson 1, 2, 3 & 4 helps your baby to get acquainted with brushing their teeth, from 6 months to 18+ months.

Focussing on the grip size and shape, it ensures a great experience for growing babies. Recommended by a dental professional, short bristles were used so that it is easier, which makes cleaning more effective.

Coupled with the specially designed bristle system, you can say goodbye to plague!

Retailing at all major departmental stores, baby specialty stores & supermarkets.

AND i actually use this for myself when i breastfeed:

Pigeon bathtime set!

Pigeon sakura bathtime set!

There are 5 common skin problems that commonly plagues our beautiful little bundles of joy.

1) Dry Skin

2) Rough Skin

3) Skin Allergy

4) Flaky Skin

5) Skin Inflammation (red patches on skin)/ sores

When Charles was an infant, and i a newbie mum, i was constantly freaked out by the rashes and patches on his delicate baby skin. I always thought babies have perfect skins, smooth and soft with zero blemish or problems. Sadly, that wasnt the case with Charles (or Mikhail, he rashes up easily too)! Charles also suffered a little from infant cradle cap (during his first month) which causes his scalp to be flaky.

The Pigeon Sakura Skincare range helps to combat these problems!

Sakura Baby Wash 2in1: Helps to preserve hydration on skin to prevent skin from drying out. (I use this wash on myself too because i like the smell!)

Sakura Baby Shampoo: Helps to reduce dry and flaky scalp.

Sakura Baby Lotion: Keeps skin moisturized during day time, preventing dry or flaky skin without feeling oily or sticky.

Sakura Baby Oil: Aids in reinforcing the skin’s protective barrier, reducing dry or flaky skin.

Sakura Baby Powder: Effectively shields against diaper rash (diaper rash is mainly caused by heat and moisture. the powder helps keep the area dry and cool, thus helping to reduce the chances of a nasty nappy rash)

After using the Pigeon Sakura Skincare range, you will notice that the skin is visibly free of irritation and feels smoother. To top it off, its light pleasant scent smells sweet and flowery!

Retailing at all major departmental stores, baby specialty stores & supermarkets.

If you like Pigeon products as much as i do, head down for the Supermom Fair in August to get the best deals on Pigeon Products and the launch of their new Compact Steam Sterilizer!