NutreMill 3in1 Cereal

NutreMill 3in1 Chocolate Cereal
NutreMill 3in1 Chocolate Cereal

Good Morning!! I have something yummmmmy to share with you guys. Its the NutreMill 3in1 Cereal by SUPER.

Its currently my favourite morning drink. 😀 Anyone who knows me will know that i dont drink coffee. So i always have a tough time being super energetic in the morning (because i lack energy, duh!) and usually dont have much time for a good tasty breakfast because i have to attend to Mikhail (breastfeed or something) and then Charles (play with him). So my breakfast choices are usually a piece of plain bread or whatever unhealthy candy i can find in my fridge! Usually its cookies from Famous Amos. :/

Now that i was introduced to this super easy to make breakfast, i find that my mornings are much more manageable! It takes 2 minutes to make it and taste soooooo good! PLUS its healthy and gives me the energy that i so desperately need. NutreMill 3in1 Cereal comes in 5 different flavours and they all contain Calcium, Vitamins A, B1 and E. Also, its Trans Fat FREE! 😀

The 3 flavours that i tried are:

3 available flavours

3 flavours i tried: Reduced Sugar, Chocolate and Original

My favourite is the chocolate flavour as it kinda reminds me of hot chocolate. yummmmmy!! The original one is really nice too and not too sweet which is good. NutreMill 3in1 Cereal is lower in sugar and higher in wholegrains! You can also choose to have this drink for a snack in between lunch and dinner. You know, like an energy booster! 😀

I made this drink during a gathering with other mothers and they all said that it taste good!

Great drink for the mothers at a mummies gathering!

Great drink for the mothers at a mummies gathering!

The NutreMill 3in1 Cereal is available in all your big supermarkets! 20 sachets per pack and i love that i can carry 1 or 2 individual sachets with me when i leave the house. So in case im feeling abit low energy, i can just mix it with hot water and have a healthy snack!