Product Review: Yoomi

Yoomi self warming bottle

Yoomi self warming bottle

Product Review by MLBB Mother’s Panel

Product: Milk Bottle

Brand: Yoomi

Reviewed by: Casey Yong

My 11 weeks old baby has been on milk strike. I tried all methods, changing the teats for faster flow, changing brands of bottles but they didn’t work. I am going crazy and worried sick as her milk intake per day is lesser than the lowest limit a baby should be taking base on her weight calculation (weight x 150ml). She either plays with the teat or spits out the milk from both sides and fusses the moment I put the teat inside her mouth. So I was introduced to the YOOMI self warming bottle, I was told that it can warm up the milk to the right temperature within 60 seconds and I am pretty amazed by the new invention and so eager to try it out. As you know it’s very stressful to have to warm the bottle of milk in the wee hours of the morning which takes at least 5 minutes. With your baby is crying murder in the middle of the night, that 5 mins is no joke. I tried the YOOMI bottle and really liked the concept. It was really really easy to prepare the milk since I could pre-prepare everything and all I needed to do was to pour the milk into the bottle when its time to feed. Abby still drank only a pathetic amount, much to my disappointment. Im already starting to dread feeding time. I attempted a few more times with the YOOMI bottle but to no avail. However, I would recommend this bottle for its ease of use! Maybe I will attempt to try the YOOMI bottles again when Abby stops this milk strike.

This is how YOOMI bottle works, as easy as 1 2 3…

Charge the warmer

Place the warmer upside down in the pod and click the arms in place. Put the pod in your microwave and heat for 60 seconds, remove from microwave and shake it for 30 seconds, place it back into microwave and heat for another 30 seconds, remove and shake it for final 10 seconds.


Place the warmer in a pan of water (or steam steriliser) and boil for 30 minutes. <– This is the recommended method!

Once charged, your warmer stay charged and is ready to use whenever you need it, simply charge few at one go. It is easy to assemble and can be sterilised using all conventional sterilisation methods.

Press the Orange button on the collar

Wait 60 seconds before you start feeding.

Although Abby is not used to feeding with YOOMI bottle, but I personally feel it is user friendly especially when you are on the go, saving the hassle having to ask for hot water and avoid bringing thermal flask, feeding bottle and a plastic bowl (I bring this in case I can’t find a bowl to fill hot water to warm the bottle of milk). YOOMI bottle works like a ‘One stop service’ – a warmer, a feeding bottle and a bowl, most importantly, the ultimate convenience!

For the ultimate convenience!

For the ultimate convenience!

Thanks for reading my review.

Casey & Abby