Pigeon Newborn Pure [Review + Giveaway]


Pigeon has recently (okay, not very recent but I just got around to trying it out!) launched a new range of skincare name, Newborn Pure! And if you haven’t heard about it, you should most definitely google it after you are done reading my thoughts on it! 😀


Firstly, this range, smells really really good. Like, I don’t know how to describe the scent but it reminds me of babies! And the texture is simple amazing. You know how some lotions and moisturisers leave that sticky after effect on your skin? Yeah, I dislike that. Simply because Singapore is already so humid and hot, if you lotion up and the lotion leaves that sticky icky feeling on your skin, it will just feel uncomfortable. The Newborn Pure Moisturiser, feels really light yet it is power packed with moisturising properties leaving the skin feeling supple, and nice!


So what is so special about Pigeon Newborn Pure range?

It is the specially developed Natulayer™, a layer of ingredients that mimics the natural coat of protection found on baby’s skin in the womb. Natulayer™ is made with ingredients that simulates vernix & ceramide to hydrate and protect the skin by locking in moisture and it is found in all Newborn Pure’s range of products!


The Pigeon Newborn Pure features:

<3 Dual Moisturization by Natulayer™ which will hydrate and protect the skin by locking in moisture.

<3 Promotes Balanced PH Levels by helping to maintain the skin’s fatty protective layer.

<3 Free from any ingredients that irritates skin.

<3 No Paraben, Formaldehyde or Alcohol!

<3 Dermatologically Tested to ensure the highest quality standards in baby skincare products!

<3 Made in Japan.


After using the Newborn Pure Moisturiser on myself (yes, I am also a baby) and Little M for the past 2 weeks, I have noticed an improvement on our skin. I used to have very flaky dry skin around my breast area but it looks and feels much better now. I know, you must be wondering why I only moisturise my breast area right? Because…. I have NO time to moisturise the rest of body! LOL.

For Little M, the results are much better! He used to get rough patches of skin on his knee area due to crawling and friction against whatever he is trying to climb (also the air-conditioning that I have been turning on due to the disgustingly hot weather now!) but now the rough patches are gone and rarely surface anymore!


I hope this helps you understand that Pigeon Newborn Pure is really VERY VERY good and if you have not tried it on your baby, you really should! 😀

You can find out more about Pigeon Newborn Pure at:

FB -> https://www.facebook.com/PigeonSingapore/

Website -> http://newbornpure.com.sg/

I have great news for ALL of you! I have a treat for my readers. 😀

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