Yamatoya SukuSukuEN [Review + Giveaway]


What is an essential furniture to have in your home once your baby hits the 6 month mark?

This is the age where babies start showing interest in that banana you are eating or tries to make a grab at that delicious ice-cream on a hot sunny day. At the six month mark is where my baby starts solids and I start looking around for a high chair that suits his needs and character.


The SukuSukuEN highchair is an improved version of the Yamatoya’s SukuSukuES high chair. Made from 100% rubber wood, the chair is incredibly sturdy with the ability to hold up to 60kg! Sadly, I am 72kg so way past the weight limit. Improved metal fittings have been introduced to strengthen the stability and allow easy assembly for the user. The chair comes with stabilizers that are placed on the foot of the chair to prevent the chair from tipping over should your child actively move about in the seat. This is important because Little M is super active and he loves to explore his surroundings by making many attempts to climb out or around it. This ensures that the chair stays put through all that struggling!

Featuring 8 exciting colours, the SukuSukuEN chair aims to be an essential furniture that will compliment any home beautifully. My personal favourite is the pastel blue which reminds me of the sky on a perfect day. Blue also happens to be a favourite colour of both Big C and Little M.

What we really love about this high chair is its ability to grow with the little ones. From 6 months old to 60 years old, the SukuSukuEN chair is designed to be customizable to suit the needs of its owner! You can adjust the chair accordingly by simply loosening the frames of the chair, shifting the seat plates to the appropriate height and set back into place by tightening the screws. A removable protection t-guard ensures that your child does not slip from the seat plus a tray-table that is provided which can be easily removed and stored away when not in use. This is perfect as space is an issue for us and having a chair that outgrows its needs after 2 years is not ideal since good quality baby chairs can be quite pricey!

The structure of the chair enables correct ergonomic seating for Little M, ensuring that he sits with good back posture. The SukusukuEN high chair adheres to the Japan and Europe safety standards so my babies (and I) can enjoy mealtime without worries.
Another thing to note is that SukuSukuEN is designed for babies/kids to dine with parents at the dining table, fostering good family dining habits. This is great as family dinners are a tradition for my family when I was growing up! Dinners are where we share the interesting (or boring) events that happened throughout our day away from home. It also helps Little M sit next to me while I am busy working on my writings and reviews.

I have always liked wooden high chairs because it feels sturdier and I love how this chair is just the right height for my dining table. I don’t use the tray-table at the dining table so Little M can be close to the table like us! The surface is super easy to clean and the cushion easy to wash! Just throw it into the washing machine and dryer! You can also sun it if you don’t have a dryer but because I only have 1 seat cushion so I use to dryer to accelerate the drying process.

To be honest, I was not the person who fixed the chair. I got my husband to do it because I am really bad at putting things together. Even Ikea products are too difficult for me, so you know my standard is quite below average when it comes to fixing up a shelf or putting together a highchair. It took my husband 15 minutes with an electric screw driver tool thing to fix up the chair and he didn’t even break a sweat! I will post the video up really soon!

For the chair that will grow with my little milk monster, I choose the Yamatoya SukuSukuEN.

You can check them out at:

FB -> https://www.facebook.com/yamatoyasg/

Website -> http://www.yamatoya.com.sg/

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