Superpark | Super Day Camp Preview!

The boys got invited to the media preview of the SUPER DAY CAMP by @superparksg last Friday and both of them had such a blast!

The camp instructors were really fun and engaging, making jokes with the kids as they went from station to station climbing, skating, throwing and swinging! The camp comprises of fun and safe obstacle courses which tests the kid’s skills and abilities while teaching them about team work with the other team mates in their groups!

The kids had to wear these shower-cap looking things before putting on their helmet at the skate-area and im all for it because this is HYGIENE! 

This June school holidays, SuperPark, the friendliest all-in-one indoor activity park in the world from Finland, brings endless fun for all children and teenagers with the launch of its inaugural SUPERDAYCAMP at SuperPark Singapore!

Children possess a natural curiosity to explore and play acts as a medium to do so. In July 2013, ex-Education Minister for Singapore, Mr Heng Swee Keat, mentioned during a Physical and Sports Education Conference that “Exercise and play open up the imagination and promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Therefore exercise and play are important in a child’s overall development and wellbeing.” The Physical Education syllabus in Singapore was then enhanced in 2014 to equip students with competencies to engage in a wide range of physical activities and sports so that students find joy in movement and can value a lifetime of active and healthy living with an emphasis of getting the children to move as much as possible during Physical Education lessons. However, with the stressful demands of the Singapore education system, it leaves little or no time for children and teenagers to engage in multi-sport activities and free play outside of school. Whereas in Finland where SuperPark originated, children are given opportunities to freely explore and develop their interests both intellectually and physically in a stress-free environment.

With the belief that “You Are Made To Move”, the new SuperDayCamp is a dedicated programme to hone children’s motor skills. It adopts a “play-based learning” model from Finland that focuses on the importance of play, joy and active participation through and about movement. SuperDayCamp provides children an opportunity to explore and learn fun and exciting new skills and tricks at their own pace. Through specially-tailored competition games, children will also improve their social-cognitive skills and build self-confidence. Conducted under the nurturing guidance of the SuperPark crew in a safe, structured and engaging environment, everyone is bound to have unstoppable fun!

SuperDayCamp is available in June and July 2019 from Mondays to Wednesdays as a 1-day programme from 9am to 3pm under the following age groups: • 4 – 6 years old • 7 – 9 years old • 10 – 12 years old

The camp fee of S$150 per participant includes: • Lunch and a snack pack • Free SuperPark grip socks • A welcome camp kit of SuperPark merchandise • Free full-day venue access on the day of the camp • Small group size of maximum 14 participants per class

Find out more about SuperDayCamp by #superparksg by visiting their site

SuperDayCamp is only available in June and July 2019

Thank you for the invite @touchprandevents
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