The Diaper Challenge

Popular Diaper Brands

Popular Diaper Brands

I put the diapers through a little experiment to test the absorbency, the comfort level and how much wear and tear can each diaper take before the insides tear. each diaper was worn by me like a huge sanitary pad taped at the sides ( cause im an adult and im not very skinny) for 6 hours in total (3hrs dry, 3hrs wet with water).

top row left to right :

1) merries
2) mamypoko
3) pampers
4) nepia

bottom row left to right :

5) huggies
6) drypers
7) moony
8) bosomi

The Results.

How much water it can absorb before starting to leak.

Pampers – 2.5 cups of water
Mamypoko – 2 cups of water
Huggies – 1.5 cups of water
Moony – 1.5 cups of water
Nepia – 1.5 cups of water
Merries – 1.5 cups of water
Drypers – 1 cup of water
Bosomi – 1.8 cups of water

Comfort level during the 6hrs of wear. 3hrs dry, 3hrs after wetting with 1 cup of water. Durability.

Pampers – Soft, Airy and Dry. Overall it feels comfortable and was intact after the 6 hours.

Mamypoko – Soft inside, a little scratchy on the sides where the tape is. Dry inside but felt a little stuffy. Broke when i moved too vigorously and the inside tore. The jelly like substance oozed out a little but no rashes at all. Overall a comfortable diaper.

Huggies – Soft but the cutting of the diaper is really small compared to all the other diapers. felt dry but tore after the 4th and jelly like substance oozed out. caused rashes. Felt stuffy on the inside.

Moony – Very soft, its the softest diaper out of the lot. Airy and light. Felt dry on the inside and was overall comfy.

Nepia – Soft but hot. I felt hot and stuffy with a heavy squishy feel. Overall not the best for our humid weather.

Merries – Very soft and comfy. Feels less airy than Moony but its not stuffy. Dry on the inside and didnt uncomfortable.

Drypers – Felt hot and stuffy, Not as soft as i would like and the sides were scratchy at the tape. After wetting with water, it felt moist inside and cause itching and rashes. Overall experience was not too pleasant.

Bosomi – Sides were a little scratchy but the inside was soft ( i could have taped it too tight) . Felt like i was wearing a disposable underwear. Airy and cooling. I liked that it didnt feel so warm inside and it felt nice and dry.

Hope this was good information for you mummies out wondering about diapers to buy or try. Like this page and be updated with my next product challenge, WIPES.

*Disclaimer: this picture is purely for reference only. All diapers used in The Diaper Challenge were of the same size (M).

P.s there will be a PART 2 of this diaper challenge with other diaper brands that were not tested this round.